Are You Seeing Ghosts?

Around the time of Halloween is when the veils are thinning! As a paranormal investigator and evidential location medium I actually don’t refer to paranormal activity as ghosts! Because to me they are really just people who for a moment in the timeline, the stars align, and we can then see them manifest as a spirit apparition.

But to those who are experiencing apparitions, unexplained sounds, or physical sensations this can be very scary!

I started on my mediumship and spiritual journey because I had very real paranormal experiences in a house built before 1790 in New Hampshire. I no joke heard footsteps walking into my bedroom at night and had the eerie feeling of someone standing at the foot of my bed. I also experienced night terrors where it felt like someone was dragging me off the bed and night sweats where I would wake up in a pool of sweat in the dead of winter. I have not had these experiences any other place or since staying in that home. Something was affecting me associated with that house!

Maybe you are having similar experiences, or maybe you heard something unexplainable, or saw something unexplainable. I am here to tell you, you are not out of your mind and there are other people out there who have gone through similar experiences. In fact, there are ALOT of people who have had unexplained experiences but they are too afraid to talk about them fearing they will be seen as strange or unhinged.

In fact, A recent poll showed 66% of Americans believe that they have experienced something paranormal and one in three people believe they have lived in a house that was/is haunted.

For me, I knew what I was experiencing was real. Something in the unseen world was going on. These experiences became the impetus of my spiritual awakening journey. Through reading metaphysical and spiritual books, mediumship mentorship, and practical experience I now know the spirit world is real, we can communicate with them, and we can view their timeline while in our current timeline. Pretty wild right!?

If you believe you have had a paranormal experience or are curious about spirit communication, here are some related Ghost History Medium blog posts to explore:

Also check out my Location Videos of Walkthrough mediumship sessions with evidential historical information!

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