Paranormal and Spirit Activity in New Homes

Traditionally spirits and the paranormal are associated with older homes and historical locations, but what if you are experiencing this kind of activity in a brand-new home!? Can there be residual or spirit activity in a home where no one has previously lived before?!

Yes! Although this is less common, it is still possible.

That being said, be practical! Before jumping to paranormal conclusions, new homes take time to settle. They can have electrical glitches, creaks, and strange sounds you may not be used to which are not spirit related at all. In addition, in new and different surroundings, your senses are on high alert and may cause you to be more jumpy. I highly recommend keeping a journal and recording the experiences of the members of the household. This will help you track if there are certain times of day, locations within the home, or a repeating theme of activity occurring.

The following are some reasons why spirit energy may be occurring in your new home (in order of most to least common causes):

  • Land History – It isn’t just the four walls of a house and who resides inside it that make up the energy of a location. The energy of the land and surrounding history is a HUGE influential factor in what may be going on. You may be experiencing residual energy, earth bound spirits, and/or non earth bound spirits associated with the land history which have nothing to do with your actual home, but instead have to do with the land your home is built on. Land energy can be divided into intrinsic energetic factors and extrinsic energetic factors and doing some investigating of the history of the land can provide some answers. Was there something prior built on the property? Who previously owned this land? What is the story of the previous owners? Any local historical events? What is the Indigenous history of the land? Was the land a hunting area, village, sacred site, battleground, burial site? What is the geologic make up of the area? Land energy can be challenging and generally does not change in a short period of time. Depending on the land energies affecting the home, it varies greatly how to honor this past and create peace and serenity in your new home. Up leveling the energy of your home and performing a golden energy property visualization can help, but more specifics may be required to create even more peace within the home.
  • Recent Death in the Family – It may not be a civil war soldier who died in battle or an Indigenous spirit walking around your new home! It may actually be a family member simply trying to get your attention! Often after the passing of a loved one, they may send signs or synchronicities to let you know they are they are ok and they love you. To do this, they may affect the electricity, move objects, or whisper your name. Often simply acknowledging the loved one’s presence through words, ceremony, letter, or any way that feels right to you, is enough to quiet the activity. In general, this kind of activity should decrease over time.
  • Objects in the Home – This is not specific to new homes as it applies to objects in an old home as well. Is there a specific room or place in a room where you are experiencing the activity? Ask yourself if there are any antique objects, objects from family members, or new objects you have put into your new home. Energy my be associated with the object and not the home itself. One way to determine this is to move the object to another room. If the energy or experiences don’t change then it is not associated with the object. If the energy or experiences seem to follow the object to the new room then it may be the object creating the activity. In general, you can choose to remove the object from the home or clear them to improve the energy.
  • Household Member and Puberty – If someone asks me about “poltergeist activity” in their home (objects moving or things flying of the shelves, feelings of being excessively drained in the home), I would first inquire if there is a family member living in the home who is approaching or going through puberty. Poltergeist activity can begin during this time in life and may suddenly start affecting the family. Puberty is an interesting age when humans naturally start to come into their own energetic power. Some individuals have very strong kinetic abilities and they may not know it until it starts showing up as objects moving in the home. This is not a spirit. This is an individual who requires assistance in understanding their energy and how to manage it. Typically this kind of activity decreases as the household member becomes an adult or improves their energy management. If there is no youngster in the household, rarely an earthbound spirit can do these kinds of things, but in my opinion, 99% of the time it is a living human unknowingly creating these dramatic effects.
  • Household Member and Occult – If there is a household member of the family who is exploring or utilizing occult techniques, spirit activity in the home may increase. They may be opening themselves up for spirit and spirit in the home with them. This is not an issue with the location, but a concern with the individual which requires setting better boundaries with spirit and the home.
  • Connection to Construction – This is a much less common cause of spirit activity in a new home but I have experienced it so I will add it here. Spirit activity of a new home may be associated with those who physically built the home. Either the passing of an individual who physically built the home or built something associated with the home. This is more common back in the day when settlers built their homes with their own hands but even today those who build a house can affect its energy. How is this possible? Creating anything is a form of joy, passion, and pride for humans and creates a connection and bond with whatever that creation is. This bond can be enough for residual energy to be present (shuffling shoes on stairs, plywood, residual hammering, etc.) or if that individual passes on, their spirit may choose to still visit the home. One extreme example of this is the Winchester Mystery House. This activity typically decreases over time as you fill the space with your own energy. Also acknowledging those who created the home and releasing them from their connection can also help with this kind of paranormal energy.

These are some reasons I have come across for activity in a new home. I would start from the top of the list and work through it to see if any of these causes resonate.

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