How Mediumship Deepened My Spirituality

As much as I hoped, my religious upbringing did not satisfy my soul longing for connection and belonging. This was confusing to me because I witnessed how it reached so many other’s lives, especially family members, and gave them such meaning and peace. Why not me? Why didn’t I feel connected to the spirit and soul like everyone else seemed to be through this method? I was looking for spirituality.


“The quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul

as opposed to material or physical things.”

So, I turned to science as a way to teach me how this world works and maybe it could also teach me the ways of the soul and spirit. I thought if by understanding the mechanics of how and why, I could then be able to feel a connected sense of belonging! I also turned to animals and nature for that sense of love and connection. I have had many wonderful and magical experiences with nature fostering deep connections with the land and feeling a sense of belonging and serenity, but there were still soul cords missing.

It wasn’t until I had my first undeniable paranormal experience in 2008 when I began to know the presence of another layer available to connect with. Starting in 2019, I dedicated more and more time to mediumship development and exploring historical locations, and interestingly, the cards began to fall into place in my heart and soul.

At first, the pull to visit locations and communicate with the souls of the dead was confusing. Why me? I am not a history major. I never was really drawn to history, nor did I ever imagine I was a medium. I was always curious about the other side and hoped it was real, but I never imagined it to be real beyond TV magic, or even a real possibility for me to experience.

Through embarking on this journey of mediumship, I have discovered a community that welcomes and honors connecting to a higher power and other spirits on the soul level. When I am in mediumship mode, there is freedom to communicate heart to heart or soul to soul with another. This level of deeper connection is what I was searching for in religion, science, nature, and animals.

Mediumship for me is a service that when done ethically, is only done with love and compassion. Where the purist of expression and intention to serve the eternal souls of another being is of the highest value.

The fullness I feel serving spirit from history, the land (genius loci), and a sitter’s loved one is difficult to put into words. Yes, of course I want to get the most incredible and irrefutable evidence and be able to explain the science of how this type of connection and communication is even possible. But the sensations of gratitude and wholeness I experience reaching out to the beyond, connecting with a higher power, and connecting to the essence of a soul, to me feels like pure belonging and love.

Who knew my heart and soul would open because of mediumship and the paranormal? I certainly did NOT! All I know, is this unique work has deepened my understanding of love, energy, spiritualism, the soul, and eternal belonging, and I hope you too are able to find this in mediumship as well.

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