Paranormal and Spirit Activity? Keep a Journal!

If you think you are experiencing paranormal or spirit activity at a location such as a workplace or your home, make sure to start a journal to record the events! This is so important because A) we tend to forget details, B) it provides the ability to track trends and compare experiences at that location, and C) it allows you to begin to understand the who, what, and why is causing the activity.

Also, if you ever do contact a medium or paranormal investigation team, knowing the details of the spirit occurrences are a great help in determining what is going on at the location. Not to mention, once you start writing them down, you yourself may crack the code! Maybe a loved one is trying to communicate with you! Or the old owner of the store you work at is saying thank you for the pretty flowers in the windows!

What to include in this journal?

  • The Event – This is a general overview of what happened. “Shadow Man in Bathroom”, “Chair Moved at Breakfast”, “Allan’s shirt was tugged”. What did you see, feel, hear, or smell something? Did you have a dream? Did something move? Was an event caught on a security camera? Etc.
  • The Date – Dates can be important for recurring residual energy activity.
  • Time of Day – This is also important for recurring residual energy activity.
  • Who – Who experienced the event?
  • Location – Get specific here. Details such as the room, where in the room, and what objects or people were nearby at the time of the experience/event.
  • Actions – What were you doing at the time of the event? Watching TV? Cleaning the windows at work? Cooking?
  • Thoughts and Feelings – What or who were you thinking about before the event? Memories of your grandmother? A friend? The task you were doing? Nothing? (Don’t knock “nothing” because spirit may have the best chances of communicating with you in a receptive state when your mind is blank.) And were there any emotions you were experiencing at the time of the event? Sadness? Happiness? Etc.
  • Post Event – This is very important because the event only has meaning to you who experienced it. What did you do, think, and feel after the event? Such as, “I felt that it was my grandmother around me, and I felt loved and comforted.” or “I was terrified and ran out of the room”

Next, start to look at trends! Trends can help elucidate residual energy, earth bound spirit, or non earth bound spirit.

Is every worker getting touched on the shoulder at 4:00pm on Fridays? Are only men getting affected? Is it just one person? Does something always happen in the corner of the dining room? Is everyone smelling roses in the kitchen? Are you seeing an apparition of a man walking around in an apron?

Now take the man walking around in an apron as an example. Do some research. You may be able to go back into the history of the location and find out that the apartment used to have a butcher shop downstairs and the butcher and his family lived in the apartment above it.


Its not some demon from the nether word trying to take your soul. Its Bob, who built a thriving business and loved going to work. Now, to determine if Bob is a residual, earthbound, or non earth bound spirit, may take a medium or paranormal investigative team to sort out. Or, you yourself may just KNOW after working on your journal. If he shows up in the same place, doing the same thing, around the same time it’s likely residual energy imprint of him doing his daily routine of going to work.

Try it out!

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