Paranormal Investigations and Mediumship, The Evidence!

The main goal of a paranormal investigation is to collect evidence of paranormal activity to validate and prove someone’s paranormal experience. The investigation is used to better define if something unseen is in fact going on and why. As far as mediumship goes, many don’t consider it to be real unless it is evidential mediumship, meaning that the information brought forward is factual and validated.

It is important to know not everything seen or heard is from spirit! So, what makes good or bad evidence?

Evidence, “the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.”

In a way, paranormal investigators and mediums are detectives and researchers. Clues and hints provided by the spirit world are collected and documented by either technology or by people themselves and their extra senses (mediums/psychics/intuitives). Then the pieces of information are put together to see if a story evolves explaining the phenomena. This process should be methodical, reproducible, and validated.

In general, during a paranormal investigation, technological tools used include audible (voice recorder, radio boxes, spirit boxes, etc.), visual (camera, night vision, ultraviolet, SLS, etc.), and electro-phenomena (EMF’s, plasma, temperature changes, etc.).

Sampling of tools used in a paranormal investigation to document evidence.

Mediums or psychics may be brought into an investigation to give a reading of the location. They can sense energetically active areas, provide more descriptive detail about a spirit individual, and see if spirit is trying to communicate anything. This is done through the 6th senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.) and report what they are picking up by speaking their information out loud or by drawing/writing it on paper.

For me, two things add more weight to the evidence collected during an investigation:

  1. Repeated or Stacking Evidence – evidence that is picked up by multiple techniques, and/or multiple people independently
  2. Validation – the action of checking or proving the validity or accuracy of something

Repeated Evidence

This is one of my favorite ways to build a book of credible evidence at a location. For example, the owner of a location has had experiences in a certain room of hearing a women’s voice. Then a medium comes in, not knowing anything about the location or what the homeowner has experienced, is drawn to the energy of that same room and reports she is picking up on a woman spirit. Then a spirit voice box tool picks up on a women’s voice in that same area and an SLS captures a figure in the spot being referred to. Bingo! This is repeated or stacking evidence through multiple modalities to help understand and put the pieces together. Multiple sources of evidence help rule out coincidences and really help a homeowner to feel validated of their experience.

That being said, every piece of information gathered in an investigation and by a medium may mean something and should be collected and documented. No small thing provided by spirit should be overlooked (they don’t waste energy). But when something is repeatable over and over, it means that that information is most present and most pressing to understand and validate.


Now this stacked evidence needs to be validated!

It isn’t enough to just say Yes, we are picking up paranormal activity and this is our evidence to prove the activity. The next step is validating the evidential information through a living person who can understand the information about the spirit being brought through. AKA the women in the example above when asked about all the information the investigation team gathered, would say YES that is exactly where I hear a women’s voice! Wow!

If a living person can’t understand the information, then take the evidence and go back to historical records, newspapers, local historical society, and previous deeds of the home to determine if the spirit could be understood in history. This can be challenging because not everything from the past has been recorded and what may be “known” or recorded could be incorrect. Many times, I have gone to locations with paranormal legends or rumors which have turned out to be incorrect when validating the information from historical records.

Every spirit and place has a story, and there is always a reason why a spirit may be making themselves known. Good validated evidence collected by investigators assists a home or business owner in validating their experiences and is used to acknowledge spirit presence and understand if there are messages coming through.

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