Energetic Golden Property Protection Visualization

My mediumship specializes in the psychic and spirit energy of locations. I have been to new homes, old homes, historic locations, natural outdoor locations, and man made outdoor locations. They all have energy that can be experienced and read.

But of all of these places, the most important one is where you live!

There is no other place where you are immersed in the energetic vibrations more than the space of your home! The space of your home residence needs energetic tending whether it is surrounded 360 degrees in nature or you live in a high rise apartment complex it doesn’t matter. The energy of this space is sacred and needs to be treated as such.

One of my favorite tips to keeping your home space clear, bright, and sacred is an energetic protection visualization. This is super simple and you don’t have to go out and buy sage, or salt your property line. This is simply putting the powers of your mind, intention, imagination, and mental prowess to work!

Golden Property Protection Visualization

To start, be in a calm but elevated vibrational state. You will know if you are in a calm but elevated vibrational state when you can sit with a calm and relaxed body, without racing thoughts. If you are finding that this is difficult or you are distracted, you may need to dissipate excessive energetic tension by exercising, going for a walk, taking a shower or an Epsom salt bath, doing yoga or qigong, writing down your thoughts, talking it out with a loved one, or complete a nagging task you have been putting off. If there isn’t tension, but you don’t feel elevated try something that lights you up. This can be spending 5 minutes dancing to Michael Jackson, lighting your favorite smelling candles or incense, putting on your favorite essential oils, listening to classical music or singing to The Weeknd.

Once you are calm and elevated begin a light meditation at home on your property. While in this meditation, you will be Sitting in The Power.

One you have been Sitting in The Power for whatever amount of time which feels good to you, Begin the following visualization.

Visualize the boundary of your property. This does not have to be exact, but you do have to know in general where your property line is. If you do not know the boundary, this can be found on your home deed. If you are in an apartment, the property line is your apartment floor plan.

Start at the corners of the property and clearly imagine the corners beginning to glow with illuminating light. The color of this light can be whatever resonates with you, but I like to use a golden glow. These corners glow with a radiating pulsing intensity of pure light. This glow then begins to move along the margins of the property line illuminating the boundary with powerful luscious light untill it connects with the next corner. Continue to imagine this until the entire property line is lit up. If you are not visual and are having a hard time, don’t worry, even just imagining and intending for this to occur will work! Its all in the power of the mind!

Next, imagine discovering on one side of the property line there is the fabric of a rolled up golden parachute! You find that two of the ends of the parachute are already firmly anchored at the corners of the property. Slowly you begin to unravel this golden light parachute to form a high dome above your property. As it fully unravels you attach the golden parachute to the other corners of the property. There is a dome of golden fabric over your home and land. As you follow the property margin and parachute, at whatever intervals feels good to you, you connect the parachute margin to the glowing property line to seal the connection. If it feels good to you imagine the property line glow connecting under your property as well.

Finally imagine this newly formed strong but lightweight golden parachute fully illuminated with a brilliant golden glow that fills the inside of your home and property. It forms an intentful boarder where full love and light exist in fluidity on the inside with protection from unwanted energies.

Your property is now fully protected in golden light.

You can repeat this visualization as many times as feels good to you.

For other home energetic information check out 5 Tips for a Successful Home Energy Clearing and Got Spirits? Uplevel You and The Energy of Your Home.

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