Got Spirits? Uplevel the Energy of You and Your Home

Many of the ghost shows take place at a residence and in my own work most of the places I go to are where people currently live or have lived in the past. People who are having energetic disruptions in their home report seeing shadows, things moving, a heaviness, feelings of sadness or dread, or illness at home, but when they leave their home space they report feeling much better.

Energy attracts energy of the same frequency and vibrational quality. Like Attracts Like is one of the core fundamental metaphysical beliefs as to how energy functions in our world.

If there is fear, aggression, overwhelm, abuse (physical, emotional, or substance), pain (physical, mental, or emotional), sadness, or depression of the living occurring in the home, it is going to create a whirlwind of intense energies that can be experienced by others in the home. These energies can be experienced as heaviness, illness, emotional disruptions (fear, dread, anxiety), and can even attract entities that are also looking for similar energetic experiences.

Not only can those living in the home at the time experience this, but that energy can be held and remembered in the space (because for energy there is no time) and the next individuals living in that home space can experience the same feelings.

How does one start to change this energy!?

Uplevel YOUR OWN energy!

Uplevel the energetic space!

Own this new energetic vibration inside and out!

Why are these the only things you have to do? Because this follows the Like Attracts Like Metaphysical Law. If you fill your space with light and love and ownership of these vibrations while creating a boundary on your home, then it is energetically impossible for those energies to continue to be present. They are actually repelled!

Many call this a house clearing, but really all this is is an energetic sweeping out of the old and filling it back up again. You can hire someone to come in and clear it for you, but they are not the ones who are going to be living there with you maintaining the space. You HAVE to EMBODY and CLAIM the space yourself! This can be challenging because at the end of the day, if you are not able to hold that frequency, then slowly the heaviness will return. This is ok, and is all apart of the learning process. You are learning how to maintain it by self monitoring the space to keep yourself and the space high vibrational.

Many clearing books and guides extensively describe clearing processes and how to do it and with what tools. But what many neglect to discuss is FILLING the space after the clearing! To me this is the most important part.

What do you fill it with!?

Whatever lights you up! This is your home! This can be a visual of light, a mantra of love and light, high vibrational music, crystals, or dancing. It really doesn’t matter. It just has to be the energy of light, love, and joy. This filling the space up after clearing can be done a many times as feels good to you.

What do I do?

My personal preference for my home is to perform a home clearing with smudging (palo santo, sage, or copal) and sounds. I have a bell that I ring in corners and small spaces, like closets, to wake up the energy there. During this process I repeat this mantra firmly with intention:

“This is a home for the living. This home is filled with love and light. Only that which is love and light is allowed in this home. Thank you thank you thank you and so it is.”

I also will leave the windows open as I do this clearing. After the smoke clears I fill my home with a visualization of golden love and light from the basement to the attic. After this, I hold the expectation of success and maintain the empowerment of the process until the next time I perform a clearing.

I also fill my home with items that I love and value. I have many items with signicance to me from the outdoors or that hold power and love.

After the inside clearing is complete, I do a Golden Property Protection Visualization.

The beautiful thing is, whatever feels good to you belongs in your home! Allow your power and ownership of your space to permeate the walls of your home.

Check out my 5 Tips For A Successful House Clearing and Golden Property Protection Visualization blog posts for more information about these techniques and methods.

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