W/I Videos

This is a list of the Ghost History Medium locations.

These videos are in two parts: a Walkthrough and a subsequent Investigation Reveal (W/I Videos). The Walkthrough is a real first-time walkthrough at a location of which I know as little as possible about. After the Walkthrough, the Investigation Reveal is the gathered information in the history books to provide historical confirmation of the Walkthough!

Location #1 – Hibernia Mine and St. Patrick’s Cemetery – Hibernia, NJ WalkthroughInvestigation Reveal

Location #2 – Battle of Bound Brook – South Bound Brook, NJ WalkthroughInvestigation Reveal

Location #3 – Native Americans – Mountainville, NJ WalkthroughInvestigation Reveal

Location #4 – Revolutionary Hog Pen: New Jersey Paranormal Project – Denville, NJ Walkthrough ONLY

Location #5 – Old Mill Building – Boonton, NJ WalkthroughInvestigation Reveal

Location #6 – Cooper Gristmill – Chester, NJ Walkthrough – Investigation Reveal

Location #7New Jersey Paranormal Project: Jockey Hollow – Morristown, NJ Walkthroughs Part One, Part Two, Part Three – Investigation Reveal Tempest Wick

Location #8 – Atsion Mansion – Pine Barrens, Wharton State Forest, NJ Walkthrough – Investigation Reveal

Location #9 – New Jersey Paranormal Project: Batsto Village – Pine Barrens, Wharton State Forest, NJ Walkthrough ONLY

Light Anomaly Video – Cemetery in Bar Harbor, ME

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