Psychic Vs. Mediumship

Psychics are individuals who use subtle senses to read or intuit information from a living person (sitter), location, or situation.

Mediums are individuals who communicate with spirits who have passed on and are associated with the living person (sitter) or location. Mediums read or intuit information from this communication link.

A psychic reading is when the reader, the psychic, is reading or intuiting information directly from you, the sitter. In essence, what happens is the psychic opens up to the information that surrounds YOU and interprets that energy. Its like learning to read computer code, but the code is YOUR energy field!

A mediumship reading is when the reader, the medium, is reading or intuiting information directly from spirit energies who are associated with you, the sitter. In essence, what happens is the medium opens up to the information of SPIRITS associated with YOU and communicates information directly from SPIRIT. It also is like learning to read a different computer coding, but the code is communication with SPIRIT!

A psychic medium can oscillate between reading you and reading spirit. To know the difference takes skill and practice. All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. Often an individual can do both, but one aspect is more natural or more developed for them.

I will tell you that reading someone psychically or as a medium really does FEEL different! In my experience so far, when I read a person or location psychically, my focused intention goes OUTWARD and TOWARDS an individual, or location, ON THIS PLANE. It is like an intention reading beam looking AT something with my third eye, which will then prompt me to get psychic impressions.

When I read someone or a location as a medium, I place my focused intention UPWARD TO A HIGHER PLANE where spirits and guides tend to reside. Often I find myself inadvertently looking up to the right or left of the sitter as I gather information about the spirits who came to their sitting for them.

Mediumship at a location for me is a bit different, because the “sitter” is the actual spirit individual at the location. I still focus UPWARD when I communicate with them, because they are spirits, but they are themselves acting as the sitter.

Sometimes you may go for a mediumship reading and the medium ends up reading you psychically. This just happened to my mother when she went to her regular medium. She told me she was disappointed as she really values guidance from her passed loved ones and didn’t know why that information didn’t come through. I told her that mediums are also psychic and Spirit ALWAYS knows best. If in that session you really needed to hear those things from the medium about you, and not from Spirit, then that is what you needed.

So read on and keep reaching out and reaching up!

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