How I Feel, Experience, and Communicate with Spirit

There are many ways I encounter a Spirit or location energy. What you must first understand, is Spirit and residual energy are energy forms. Because they are energy, we can experience them because their energy interacts with our energy bodies. Keep in mind, the way I encounter spirit can be very different than how another person experiences them.

My biggest physical symptoms that spirit is present include:

  • Fast Heart Rate
  • Dizziness or Lightheadedness
  • Change in my emotions
  • Change in the Air
  • Tingle sensations on my skin

What do I mean by a change in the air?!

Spirits are energy. Usually I do not see these changes with my actual eyes, but sometimes I do. Spirit to my actual eyes can look like:

  • Wavy lines – like heat waves over pavement
  • Misty/cloudiness or thickness in the air
  • Sparkles of light – VERY RARE FOR ME

More often than me seeing something with my actual eyes, I will experience spirit presence with my “clairs” only. The different “clairs” are clairsentience (clear feeling), clairvoyance (clear seeing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairgustance (clear tasting) and clairolfaction (clear smelling). These are senses that are directly experienced from spirit as an energy message by our 6th senses.

My strongest clair right now is clairsentience where I can feel the energy of spirit and residual energy with my body. This can come in the form of:

  • Chills, tingles, and warm or cool spots on my body
  • Pain – usually communicating how they died, or their physical issues to help identify them
  • Movement or actions – where I may adopt hand gestures, habitual movements, or walk the way that the spirit would have in real life, again to help the living identify them
  • Emotions of sadness, fear, anger and love
  • Feeling of walking through spider webs

My second strongest clair is clairvoyance where in my mind’s eye/6th sense/intuition/third eye, or whatever you want to call it, where I get an image impression in my mind. Typically if I am at a location or using psychometry with an object, I will get a 3D image of past activity. Literally like a blast from the past. During this I will see people, buildings, animals and a short movie clip of an activity or event. Sometimes I will get emotions with this as well. For example, driving through downtown Warwick, NY, I experienced a flashback in my mind’s eye seeing pairs of people from the 1800s in black dresses and clothes walking casually to (or from) church. The road was dirt and they were walking on the sides of the road engaged with each other.

Photo by Uu011furcan Duman on

When I am in communication one-on-one with a spirit engaged in mediumship, these clairvoyant image impressions typically are 2D symbols, instead of 3D, and are used to communicate something from spirit. For example, my husbands grandfather showed me a large black cartoon-like mallet hammer and he also showed me the color red. Per my husband, he was a working man in the Navy and his nickname was “Red” because he had red hair.

I use clairaudience to hear names, answers to questions, and sounds. I commonly use this clair to ask spirit a question. Their answer to the question can be words, body sensations like pain, emotions, or an image in my mind’s eye.

Using all of these puzzle pieces I try to report exactly what I am getting. I try really hard not to interpret too much because sometimes what I think they are trying to communicate is totally wrong! I could interpret something totally off base which is why I try to do limited interpreting and just report what I receive.

For example, with my husbands grandfather, I only communicated to my husband, “he is showing me the color red”. And left the interpretation to my husband to say, “Red was his nickname because he had red hair”.

Clairs can change over time and how I experience spirit and locations can be very different than how you may experience them!

For my Step by Step process on Spiritually Reading a Location’s Energy check out this blog post!

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