Ghosts are Spirits Manifested

Although ghost sightings and paranormal reports are what bring me and other investigators to a location, I rarely refer to the spirits I encounter as ghosts. To me the term refers specifically to the manifestation of a spirit or residual energy in our material reality.

Ghost, “an apparition of a dead person or animal which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living typically as a nebulous image.” (Oxford Dictionary)

In my experience, the vast majority of ghosts are just a momentary expression of a soul or a residual image of an event. I feel the word and meaning in our culture under represents the soul or recurring event behind the image. This is a shame because we have been taught to believe experiencing ghostly phenomena should leave us with a sense of fear instead of a sense of humanity. As the Ghost History Medium, I hope to shift this understanding of spirits at locations and why they may be manifesting to us as ghosts.

I do find ghost appearances tend to be associated specifically with a location. Meaning the Gettysburg civil war soldier routinely shows up at the battlefield and not randomly at your home in California. No spirit appearance is random. Spirits can not only manifest as ghostly images such as a mists, shadows, or apparitions, but they can also manifest as other paranormal phenomena such as sounds, smells, sensations, or moving objects. It is important to remember that even in these other forms, a soul presence or a recurrent historical event is still responsible for these paranormal events.

When I am at a place and communicating with spirits associated with the location, 98% of the time this is happening within my inner senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.), and not through overt manifestation of a ghost. The way this communication works is exactly the same as a one-on-one mediumship reading. No one would say that your great grandmother Betty is showing up as a ghost during a private reading! Why is that? Because Betty is communicating as her soul spirit and doesn’t need to overtly manifest in order to be heard by a medium.

Spirits at a location don’t have to manifest as ghosts to be heard or seen either, but most people aren’t aware of communicating with them energetically like a psychic or medium does. Therefore, spirit may manifest as paranormal phenomena to more dramatically get our attention. When these kinds of overt manifestations occur, it demonstrates to me the spirits’ even greater need to get our attention. It takes a lot of energy to manifest as a ghost or do something paranormal and they don’t waste energy!

If a lot of spirit manifestations or activity are going on at a location, in my opinion this tells me there are a lot of stories really needing to be told and/or very strong residual energy is present! When I visit locations, I do my best to give the spirits and the place a voice, by communicating what they want to share. Hopefully this reduces or eliminates their need to manifest as ghostly phenomena.

Check out the Location Videos Page for a listing of all my live mediumship sessions and Investigation Reveal videos!

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