Halloween: Across The Veil – A Medium’s Perspective

Halloween is a really interesting holiday that was practiced in antiquity, is practiced all over the world today, and coincides with the natural changes in the seasons. Quite the trifecta!

Halloween, or October 31st, is the holiday of crossing over. Crossing over from the life of the summer and fall harvest to the letting go of the the leaves and the beginning stages of winter preparations. This time of the year there is a temporary halt to growth and life in the plant and animal worlds as they both enter into hibernation.

Humans have translated this time of the year spiritually into a celebration of life moving into death by honoring the lives of our passed loves ones and ancestors. Halloween is also the Pagan holiday of Samhain, pronounced “Sah-wen” and the Mexican holiday of “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead). There are also many other holidays all over the world that celebrate ancestors, spirits, and ghosts.

What is believed to happen this time of year is as the energy crosses over from life and nourishment (summer and harvest) to barren, letting go and hibernation (winter) there is a thinning of the energetic levels between the Earth plane and the Spiritual planes.

This makes it easier for one to communicate, receive guidance, or honor those in Spirit.

A great way to honor your ancestors this Halloween is not to dress up in store bought costumes, but to light a candle at home, and just for a moment say “Hello!” to spirit and respectfully honor and thank your ancestors.

Who knows maybe they have a message for you! As a medium, I know they really are just across the veil!

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