What gives a location a “feeling”?

There are many factors that go into a location’s energetic vibration or imprint that can be felt or experienced. I tend to group the factors into two categories: intrinsic factors and extrinsic factors.

Intrinsic factors are aspects that are native to the location like:

  • geology – rock bed make up
  • Geography – hills, valleys, flat, cliffs, caves
  • weather/climate – sunshine vs no sunshine, hot, cold, windy, humidity
  • Presence of water – streams, brooks, rivers, ponds, lakes, ocean
  • plants and fauna
  • geomagnetic readings
  • natural disasters – lightening strike, fire, flood, tornado
  • Presence of nature spirits – gnomes, sprites, fairies, etc.

Extrinsic factors are aspects that are introduced to the location. For the majority, these factors are due to human activity, but they can be from animals or other spiritual beings too. Think of these factors as something that happened to or on a location. For example:

  • Changing the landscape – Building a house or other infrastructure, road, outhouse, rail road, barn, clearing the land, blasting, mining, reforesting, building a dam
  • A battle – this can be a human battle or an animal battle (think male deer fighting)
  • Objects in the location – furniture, toys, tools
  • A location of worship
  • A location of awe – Grand Canyon, lookout location to a beautiful view or sunset, the beach, Woodstock, NY
  • Emotion – anger, love, hate, fear
  • Throughway – human movement (trails, sidewalks, paths) or animal movement (game trails)
  • Presence of earthbound spirit energy (ESE)
  • Presence of non-earthbound spirit energy (NESE)
  • Presence of residual energy (RE)

Each one of these intrinsic and extrinsic factors have an energetic/vibration signature. They are layered onto one another creating a kind of swirled layered ‘cake’ at a location. At first you experience and see the reality of the outside of the cake, the frosting, but inside is a unique energy imprint from the past that can be read by slicing into it with an open, respectful, and receptive intention to understand what the location’s historical insides can tell us.

Intrinsic factors do not typically change from year to year. They can however, change over hundreds or thousands of years. But in general, me walking to a location today it would be intrinsically the same as if I walked to that location in a year.

What does change more often are the extrinsic factors!

Lets take for example the black and white picture of the beautiful ball room at the beginning of this blog post. Now we know that this is a ball room because on the surface it looks like a ball room to us. And because of this, unfortunately our brain already has a lot of preconceptions about a ballroom and what we SHOULD feel here (more about this in another blog). Anyway, walking into this room if I am open, respectful, and receptive with my intention to feel what is there acting as a witness, I may start to feel excitement of the dancers, I might hear music, or someone saying “I do”, or I may see a spirit form of the original owner of the building, or perhaps there are Native Americans present if this ball room was built on their place of worship. Or I may feel that one section of the room feels different than the others, this could be the side of the room that gets all the sunshine, or this could be the location of an earthbound spirit, or the location where a lonely resident always sat at the balls (residual energy). These are all possibilities from just one room! How cool is that!

Everyone can read locations! There is nothing terribly special about it. Think of when you walk into a room where someone just had a fight and you can feel the tension in the air! That is sensing the residual energetic imprint of an event and the emotions of it. A lot of people don’t like going into hospitals because of the fear and pain they feel while walking in. These are both examples of “feeling” a location.

To start you have to be open and receptive with an intention to want to “hear” and “see” and “know” what is present. Sure you can walk through a cemetery and only look for your grandma’s grave and you will only find her grave. But if you walk through that same cemetery with an open mind, open heart, and open intention you may feel, know, and see something entirely different : )

Check out my W/I Videos Page for a listing of all my live mediumship sessions on location and their sister Investigation Reveal videos!

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