Old Homes and Spirits: Why Your Grandma’s House May NOT Really Be Haunted

I love old houses! They don’t build them today like they did back then with real hardwood floors, right angles, large windows, spiral stair cases, nooks and crannies, crystal door handles, and tall ceilings.

Old houses also tend to contain spirit energy! Why is this?

Simply put, because a lot of living has been done in an old home! And energy accumulates in a location over time.

There can be energy associated with the actual home and/or there can be energy associated with the land the home is built on.

There are three different kinds of spirit energy:

  • Earthbound Spirit Energy (ESE) – These spirits are complex representations of passed human spirit energy that are NOT free to move from the Earth plane (hence Earthbound). Most often it is just a portion of the passed person’s spirit/essence that is present, but sometimes it is the whole spirit/essence. These energies tend to feel “dense” or “heavy”.
  • Non Earthbound Spirit Energy (NESE) – These are higher spirits that ARE free to move to and from the Earth plane. These are the spirits of ancestors, angels, guardian angels, and spirit guides. They feel light and loving. These energies are not related to a house haunting and are not specific to the home or location. You may be experiencing them because they are your spirit helpers!
  • Residual Energy (RE) – This is a non spirit energetic record imprint of an event or emotion at a location or associated with an object. This type of energy is most common in old homes and is frequently confused with the presence of an ESE haunting.

What if grandma passed away a year ago, and you or your family still feel her presence in the home only!? Most likely it is her Residual Energy that you are experiencing which will reside over time.

What if grandma passed away a year ago, and you or your family feel her loving presence not only in her home but with you randomly and in different places!? This would indicate that she is a Non Earthbound Spirit Energy ancestor/angel and maybe she wants to communicate!

What happens in old homes is really interesting. A lot of life has occurred in them: births, deaths, marriages, love, arguments, and holiday celebrations. These passed living experiences can leave a recording as a Residual Energy imprint which can be felt by us when we are in the home. Wood is a really good absorber of energy because it it porous and a living material. Also metal objects and cotton (clothing) are also materials that easily contain REs. Sometimes the feeling changes just from walking from room to room! One bedroom may always feel sad if the person who lived there previously was depressed or sad themselves, while another room could always feel like sunshine and sunflowers if the person who lived there previously was a lovely and happy person! Maybe the previous person loved to cook and the kitchen is a bright and joyful place!

What about the land!?

Yes, there can be REs and ESEs associated with the land that have nothing to do with grandma! Land associated REs and land associated ESEs can affect old AND new homes which have no history of being lived in.

You may need to find out more information about the history of the land the home is on to start to understand the energy you are feeling or experiencing. Also check out this blog which talks about intrinsic and extrinsic factors of a location’s “feeling”.

What to do about REs in your grandma’s home? They can be spiritually cleared by a professional medium or shaman. You can also physically clean the home and remove left over furniture or objects from the previous owner. REs will also slowly dissipate over time as new and more recent living experiences are recorded on top of the old ones.

BOTTOM LINE – Most of what one experiences in an old home is NOT an actual spirit or ghost haunting by an unsettled Earthbound Spirit Energy but is most likely Residual Energy from the experiences of past lives living in the location!

For an energy check list to help you identify what kind of energy you are experiencing in your grandma’s home, check out “Spirit, Earthbound, Or Residual Energy?“.

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