Spirit, Earthbound, or Residual Energy?

When I am doing a walkthough, it can be challenging to tease out if the energy I am feeling is from a non earthbound spirit energy (NESE), earthbound spirit energy (ESE), or from residual energy (RE).

Non earthbound spirits, are individual entities where their spirit/soul is not remaining on Earth and is free to move into our Earth plane and spirit plane. They can visit this Earth plane, but they are not walking around or moving about here all the time. These spirits are the spirit’s of loved ones I contact through one-on-one mediumship on behalf of a living person and these types of spirits can also come through at a location walkthrough. Spirit Guides and Angles are also a form of NESE.

Characteristics of NESEs:

  • Can communicate – some choose not to communicate
  • They are intelligent
  • Can move to and from Earth plane freely
  • Are multidimensional
  • Typically a very light and loving feeling, but if the individual was not a great person on earth, they can have a heavier feeling to them.
  • These do NOT feel dense, heavy, or thick.

Earthbound spirit energies (ESEs) are individual spirits/souls that have passed on from this life, but as my understanding goes, some degree of their existence still remains on the Earth plane. These entities can be days old or they can be eons old. It is said that these ESEs may have “unfinished business”, or they may have died suddenly and didn’t know what was going on, or they loved a certain place so much they want to stay there with their loved ones, or they loved their human body and its human experiences so much they want to stay attached to it, or they don’t believe in the afterlife, so they chose to stay on the Earth plane.

Characteristics of ESEs:

  • Can communicate – some simple/non complex ESEs don’t by choice or physically cannot
  • They are intelligent
  • Can move around on the Earth plane – some simple/non complex ESEs don’t by choice or physically cannot
  • Typically multidimensional – meaning the impression or message from it can change.
  • Typically a heavy/thick or dense feeling. More substance and more physical “presence”. More “here”.

Residual energy is an energetic record of something associated with a location or object. It can be a record of an event or an emotion. It can have substance and it can accumulate a collective record of an event or emotion. Residual energy can feel JUST like an earthbound spirit energy depending on the complexity of the earthbound and the complexity of the residual energy. What I mean is that a non-complex, simple, ESE can have a similar feel to a complex RE.

Characteristics of REs are:

  • It does not communicate back
  • It is not intelligent
  • It does not move around
  • It is unidimensional/One Note – meaning that you only get one type of impression or message from it and nothing else. Aka sensing “anger, yelling, anger, yelling, anger, yelling” and when you ask for more information you continue to get “anger, yelling, anger, yelling”.
  • Can be heavy/thick feeling or light and loving feeling depending on what is recorded!
  • Can be a scene, a feeling, a word, an emotion, a physical sensation, etc.

Hopefully that helps clarify the different kinds of energy that can be encountered!

Check out my W/I Videos Page for a listing of all my live mediumship sessions on location and their sister Investigation Reveal videos!

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