Mediumship, Everyone Can Do It!

When I share that I am a medium and can connect with spirit, people often respond with things like, “Aren’t you scared?”, “I could never do that!” or “What a gift!”.

The great news is, I am not special or unique! Everyone has the hardware to be able to communicate with spirit! Overall, you can think of the entire process of mediumship, psychism, and intuition like how a radio works. We are all spirit radios!

A radio is a hardware tool which detects unseen electromagnetic energy frequency transmissions. These radio transmissions are first sent out on a carrier transmitting frequency wave, which the antennae of the radio can detect. And through the hardware programming abilities of a radio, these frequency transmissions are then translated into sounds we can understand. But all you will hear is static unless the dial is intentionally turned to tune into a desired frequency station, such as FM 104.5.

Energy frequencies are being put out on carrier-like waves by spirit (the blue Transmitter), and when intentionally tuned into, we can translate it into information (the red Receiver).

Typically, spirit is considered to communicate on a “higher” frequency station than the living. You can think of this like spirit being on FM 104.5 and the living being on FM 99.5. Often in the metaphysical world you will hear that we need to “raise our vibration” to communicate. This is simply the idea that from FM 99.5, we elevate to a higher frequency station in order to more easily tune into spirit.

We are able to elevate and tune into the spirit frequencies with belief, intention, focus, and practice.

These four actions are our own spirit radio dials!

  1. Belief – This is the belief in your own sprit radio dial! In order to experience something, you need to believe in it first. The inventor of the radio had to believe it was possible in order to create the tool! Edison made 1000 different light bulbs because he believed it was possible to harness energy as light. This may feel like wishful thinking, but if you don’t believe this process is possible then simply it won’t be a part of your reality.
  2. Intention – This is the determination to use your own spirit radio dial! This is one of the main factors in tuning our attention to spirit. One must have the intention to communicate in order to begin the process of listening and receiving.
  3. Focus – This is the actual use of your own spirit radio dial! This is another main factor in tuning our attention to spirit. If your mind is all over the place then nothing clear with come through. You can think of this like a radio dial that is just going up and down the frequency scales with static. For clear receiving, you need to stop and focus the dial in order to listen in deeper.
  4. Practice – This is the fine tuning and perfecting the use of your own spirit radio dial! Understanding unseen energies takes time. It’s like learning and refining any new skill and each person translates and receives these energies differently. Some people need more practice focusing while others need more practice aligning their energy to a higher frequency.

Hopefully this analogy helps and gives you encouragement that mediumship is possible for you too!

Check out my Walkthrough and Investigation Reveal Videos Page for a listing of my mediumship sessions at historic locations!

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