Every Location Has A Story

Every location or place on this Earth has a story to tell.

From the rock on the side of a trail, to the kitchen in your home, to a medieval castle in England. Each location has a story to tell. Often many many layers of stories.

They tell and record their stories through energetic imprints that are left in space and time.

This may be hard to understand, but many of you have already experienced a place as being creepy, or feeling like you are being watched, or a place that feels thick/heavy or even a place full of joy, reverence, and light! Each of these places is trying to communicate to you through energy imprints.

To hear the story one must be first open to the idea of there actually being a story there! Then you consciously “see” into the location with focused perception and or “be” in the location.

Funny enough you don’t have to physically be in the location to hear the story, but it greatly helps, especially when starting out. But just thinking about or putting your mind at a location is enough to hear the story.

Its sort of like reading a book. You need focused attention to read a book to understand the words and messages that are on the pages. To read locations, think of it like reading the energy book of the location. Turn the page and there is something new that happens in the story!

Even seemingly simple locations like a meadow or your backyard have much to tell! The trees, grass, insects, stone wall, bird nest, and chipmunk den each have their own story! And that land has been there for thousands of years! Often the greatest stories are not in man made locations.

Expand your thinking to believe that all locations have a story to tell and they all can be read! Enjoy!

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