6 Metaphysical Facts That Changed My Life: A Medium’s Perspective

I began my metaphysical information binge about 2 1/2 years ago. Once I knew that I was truly accessing another level of energy and information via mediumship I needed to know more! I read anything and everything that was spiritual, metaphysical, or related to the paranormal. I read books on Christian mystics, the Kabbalah, Mongolian and Native American shamanism, channeled books by higher beings, medium and psychic skills, Celtic druidism, Norse and Greek mythology, energy healing, quantum physics, auras, Law of Attraction, near death experiences, qigong, yogic traditions and more! As I read and read my entire perspective shifted and this put me in a different view of my life and my life in relation to others.

Here are the 6 metaphysical facts that changed my life:

  1. There is an Afterlife; AKA your spirit lives on. This is something as a medium, there is NO DOUBT in my mind that your spirit, as you, moves on into a different stage of existence and is even reincarnated. I have communicated with spirits, seen spirits, heard spirits in ways that there is no way for me to guess or to read a living person to get the information psychically. I am communicating with the souls of individuals who have passed on.
  2. Life on Earth is a process of learning from experience. All experiences are designed to advance our soul’s learning towards enlightenment. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, that you experience in this life existence is for your advancement and soul improvement/cleansing/healing. Every challenge, every heartbreak, and every loss has a higher purpose for your soul to advance in its understanding of wholeness and love.
  3. You, as your soul, planned this life before you were born. My family had no ability to reflect my childhood experiences in a loving compassionate way. Many people experience this in childhood and adulthood. That feeling of never being heard or understood at the heart level is soul crushing. Anyway, I never understood what I was doing wrong to get these results, and I felt victimized by my family’s responses. Until I realized that I, my soul, planned these experiences. I understood that I chose to be born into my family to learn these difficult lessons and grow from them. Wow! Once I accepted this, my victim mentality vanished overnight and was replaced by the curiosity of how can I grow from this. This also means that everyone has their own life path and their own life plan specially designed for their unique soul to experience. Respect and honor this sacred contract in everyone you meet. PS: There is free will and although there is a broad outline that was planned prior to birth, things can change. But the lessons you are meant to learn you will still experience.
  4. No one but myself is responsible for my reactions. Don’t take the flack if someone in your life is blaming you for their actions. Its hogwash. Often in my life I felt that I was pushed to have EXTREME outbursts. I felt I was cornered, and made to react as a desperate effort to MAKE THEM HEAR ME. Or on the flip side, I would drastically retreat and not share anything because I felt, “No one ever truly heard or understood me.” Neither tactic made me feel good. Everyone is responsible for their own energetic control and their own choice to respond or to react. A response is when you have taken a second to breathe and made a grounded choice on how to proceed. A reaction is when there is no breath and you just automatically go from a trigger to a reaction. Some people live their life as a drama movie, you don’t have to be in their movie! You can be an audience member, understand the scene, and respond, but you don’t have to BE IN the movie. We all need to try and recognize what our own trigger/reactions are and move them to the space of a response. WARNING: THIS IS REALLY HARD! We ALL have triggers and reactions! And when you start this process it is going to take time to break the trigger/reaction habits! You have to really get to the root of the trigger. Often this is with the help of a professional counselor. Addressing them is part of the learning process!
  5. There is enough. This one is also really hard. We live in a culture where we are bombarded with a LACK mentality. There isn’t enough money, not enough food, not enough water, not enough time, on and on and on it goes. When you stop feeling like you have to take a death grip control of NOT having, and leave it as an open ended knowing and trust that you WILL have what is needed, I promise you so many things will change for you! This paradigm shift ALONE changed my entire life perspective on everything from work, to food shopping, to even being “late” to an appointment. I just trusted that there is and will be enough in whatever shape or form that is right. I let go of the control of having.
  6. All emotions, all motives, and all pain boils down to love. What do I mean by this? We all want to feel loved, feel connected, and feel understood. This is really what we desire. All fear boils down to loosing something that is loved. All pain boils down to loosing something that is loved. All violence boils down to fear which boils down to love. Every single living thing desires to be loved and to feel loved.

I am FAR from perfect and I work on integrating these facts on a daily basis with self reflection and professional guidance. Some of my triggers STILL trigger me, but that is OK, because life is a lifelong learning process of becoming a better individual from the heart and soul center. It is really hard, but I encourage you to explore these ideas to help you change your life and change your perspective on EVERYTHING!

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