Resources for Developing Mediumship and Intuition

There are many resources out there if you are beginning on the journey of developing your intuition and or mediumship. These are some of my absolute Go-To books, audio, and websites that have greatly assisted in my own development. These are the ones I reference or turn to over and over again.

Even though I practice location mediumship, many of the books referenced below are about guides, channeling, and inner energy work. I feel it is an essential building block to not only understand the energetic field and how it functions but also important to learn how to stop, get quiet, and GO INNER. These are essential building blocks to heighten your awareness and they are the steps required before you GO OUTER and pick up information from people, spirit, and the surroundings.

Listing of books, websites, and podcasts I have found the most helpful in my own development. Enjoy!



  • International Pathwork Foundation – channeled inner guidance
  • The Journey Within – Spiritualist Church with endless online zoom and in person beginner, intermediate, and advanced psychic and mediumship classes. Also have courses with different international mediums every week!
  • Amanda Linette Meder – many blog posts and a mentorship program. Great teacher!
  • YOQI – Qigong flows. This practice changed my life.
  • The Shift Network – FREE summits on shamanism, qigong, breathwork etc. and online courses
  • Sigrid Van Heerwaarden – empowering channeling and activations, guidance to divine alignment
  • Diana Munez Chen – Professional channeler, classes, mentorship


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