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My first paranormal experiences began in 2008. At this time, I was frequently staying in an old home built circa 1790s in New Hampshire. I heard footsteps coming into my room at night with someone standing at the foot of my bed. I experienced night terrors and night sweats in this home and had a general foreboding while in the home. Eventually I refused to stay overnight. I could even pinpoint where the activity was mostly concentrated, and the family said the light bulb above this area frequently had to be changed.

That was it. Something real was going on. What I was hearing, and feeling was undeniably real!

I then went to veterinary school and had no additional time or space left in my brain to think about the spiritual world. Nothing happened to me during this time, although I continued to be interested in the paranormal and watched Ghost Adventures and The Dead Files on the Travel Channel. It was during this time that I began visiting historic locations just to feel what was there.

It wasn’t until after veterinary school, when I moved to New Jersey that spirit again began to make themselves known to me. I would often go hiking alone with my dogs and it was during one of these hikes, that I started having experiences again. Not knowing much of the history of New Jersey, I started to research what I was seeing and feeling, and I slowly began to prove to myself, through historical documentation, that my psychic and mediumistic abilities to see, communicate, and receive information about past historical events was indeed accurate and real!

In 2019, I began more intensive mediumship training to hone these abilities in order to better serve spirit, places, and the living.

But you see, at heart, I am a science girl, and as much as I now know the information I am receiving is real, I still love researching the history and finding out the truth to back up what I am receiving as evidence and sharing those stories with you!

My husband, our two island dogs (Sienna and Alpine), and our beagle/boxer Jake, on a hike.

This blog is going to document and share my experiences on location as well as what I am learning along the way!

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