5 Tips For a Successful Home Energy Clearing

This is a really popular topic recently and it does carry merit!

There is nothing like come home to a bright, safe, calming energy of a home. Everyone wants a home where they can kick off their shoes and take a sigh of relief.

I understand this is a tall ask for many, but even being able to create some form of sacred space, no matter how small, for yourself is critical to lowering stress and resetting your energy.

To be honest, there are hundreds of ways to go about a home clearing. There are many tools and methods out there which vary from culture to culture. I encourage you to explore different tools and methods to find some that feel the best to you. Play around with it! What are you drawn to? What resonates with you? Whatever feels good to you is going to have the strongest vibrational effect and THAT is the method you should use!

5 Tips For a Home Energy Clearing

  2. OWN IT

INTENTION – You must go into a home clearing with clear intentions of what you wish to acomplish. If you are not clear or are wishy washy, you will get half assed results. To improve intention:

  • Write it down
  • Say it out loud like a mantra
  • Practice a few times before the “big game”
  • Visualize or imagine the end results

OWN IT – Own your energy, own your space. Claim your energy, claim your space. If you don’t, someone else, or another energy will own it for you. To improve claiming your energy:

  • Imagine your energy aura and practice playing with it getting bigger and smaller. See what feels right and good to you.
  • Imagine your energy aura filling a room, your home, your property. Play with this.
  • Wear colors, clothes, and/or accessories that align with your energy and empower you. If they make you feel good you are owning it!

FILL IT UP – This is similar to owning it but it is claiming not just your space and energy, but claiming the space and energy around you. Fill it the same way you fill yourself with light and love and pour some of that love into your living space. After a home energy clearing, never leave the space empty because this removes your power from the space and allows something else’s power to fill it for you. To improve filling it up after a clearing:

  • Imagine the space filled with energetic love and light. (color or just verbal intention)
  • Actually fill the space with items that you love (furniture, colors, patterns, textures, flowers, crystals, plants, family photos). This is your space! Not the space of a demonstration home. Fill it with what lights YOU up! (And hey maybe filling it up like Joanna Gaines fills you up the most, GO FOR IT!)
  • Regularly do things that make you feel good in your home (dance, sing, watch comedies, have friends over, play with your children or pets)

IT IS DONE – This is probably my favorite one. Because at the end of the day you need to believe in your power of intention and success. There cannot be room for doubt. Did I do it right? Was that enough? Are they really gone? Did the energy really change? No. You are powerful and your intention and power is always enough. To improve it is done:

  • Say it out loud, write it down, or say it in your mind “It is done.”
  • Know it is done.
  • Embody it is done.
  • Firmly trust in your power and intuition that what has been completed is exactly the way that it needed to be for you today.

REPEAT AS NEEDED – Whenever you feel the pull to do another house or property clearing, GO FOR IT! You can do this as many times or as little times as feels right to you. Some people like to keep a schedule or just wing it. There are no right or wrong answers here. But what is important is:

  • That you have a strong intention
  • You Own it
  • You fill it up
  • And firmly believe that it is done

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