Spirit Mediumship on Behalf of a Location

I have been thinking a lot about my most recent location read at the Boonton Mill Building. I keep thinking about how the Mill Builder, in spirit, came to talk to me about it. I don’t feel that the Mill Builder was a residual energy or an earthbound energy. Residual energies are just emotions and actions in motion that one can psychically interpret, but they do not intelligently communicate. In addition, earthbound energies tend to feel heavy, confused, and dense. This man was communicating intelligently with me and he felt light, happy, and good so that leaves me to say that he was a passed on Spirit.

How was this possible?!

Unlike other locations that I have read with residual energy and earthbound spirits present at a location such as the cemetery and revolutionary war battle site, this site didn’t have “stuck” energy that I could appreciate. But what did become apparent, was similar to what happened at Mountainville, where a Lenape Native American (Mountainville Reveal) came to speak about the location, but in this case the Mill Builder/Owner came to speak to me on behalf of the location!

I didn’t think this was even possible. Previously I thought that only the energy of what is present at a location was the only thing that could be read. But now this type of communication with spirit has happened twice. I am starting to understand that what is happening is something like this;

  • When an individual goes to a medium or psychic for a reading, they are called a “sitter”. During a reading, a sitter’s energy is read by the psychic and the sitter’s loved ones in spirit can be present to communicate to the medium.
  • In my case, the location is acting as the “sitter”. Not only am I reading residual and earthbound energy present at the location (psychic reading of the location), but passed non earthbound individuals, in spirit, with a strong connection to the location, show up to communicate to me on behalf of the location (mediumship reading of the location). These non earthbound spirits leave the location once the reading is over.

How cool is that?!

I am not sure if anyone else has appreciated this or documented this before. I hope to continue to observe this phenomenon, and continue to get detailed information about a location beyond the residual and retained energies that are present.

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