Historical Battles and Spiritual Activity

The places where historical war battles have taken place are a common location of spiritual fascination. Many reports of spiritual activity and paranormal evidence have been recorded at these important locations.

Why is this?

Events and emotions are energy. The energetic imprint of events and emotions are recorded in time at a location. On Earth, time changes, but locations never change. This means that the energy at the location can be stored and recorded independently of time, and this energy record can actually be experienced!

Everyone has visited a historic location and everyone has experienced some type of emotion at these places. This is due to the energetic imprint of the event as residual energy and emotions of spirit energy.

There are three different types of spirit energy that can be experienced at a location:

  • Residual Energy (RE) – the energetic remnants or imprints of an event, activity, emotion, words, etc. Not intelligent. Does not change location. Message does not change. Location Psychometry is an example of RE.
  • Earthbound Spirit Energy (ESE) – the energy of a spirit who has passed, has not fully crossed over, and is still bound to a location, person, or event. Can move around on Earth location and is intelligent.
  • Non Earthbound Spirit Energy (NESE) – the energy of a spirit that is free to move from the spirit plane to the Earth plane and back to the spirit plane. Intelligent. Usually a very light and loving energy.

The stronger the emotion (fear, pain, death, happiness) of an event, the more intense the residual energy imprint will be! Not much can have more emotional energy than a war battle . . . and this is a major reason why battle locations are such hot spots.

The energy of these locations do very slowly decrease in intensity over time. This process of “dispersion/dissipation” is actually hindered by historical reenactments, annual memorials, and repeated visitations by people remembering the event. Check out Historical Reenactments and Spirit Energy for more information on this subject.

This is another reason why battle locations continue to provide paranormal evidence and experiences, because these locations often become memorial sites +/- reenactments.

Most paranormal evidence captured on camera or audio at battle locations are residual energy and less commonly earth bound spirit energies. Apparitions can be EBEs. but also can be the manifestation of residual energy from a habitual human event. An example of this would be observation of a soldier apparition seen in the same place, doing the same thing, at the same time of day or night, and one cannot intelligently communicate with it. This apparition is the residual energy imprint of a soldier maybe on habitual perimeter guard duty.

What do I expereince at these sites?

Commonly I encounter the Residual Energy first like a WALL of energy once I physically get to the location. Remember the energy imprint is tied to the location. It is like walking through a veil and on the other side of the curtain is the hustle and bustle of a battle scene from the past. I may feel pain from soldier injuries, fear, sadness, people shouting, people walking around, animals walking around, chaos, and often confusion. It is like I enter into a clip from a movie scene on “repeat”.

Once that scene is felt, I may encounter an Earthbound Spirit energy related to the battle. They may follow me and interact with me or they may completely ignore me! They may tell me something and then leave. I never know. These are usually individuals who died suddenly in the battle.

There can also be NESE present who may come to give me a message about the battle, or a message for someone in relation to the battle, or even a message to the ESE. They are not attached to the location or the event and are free to give the message and go.

For more in-depth evidence of a battle location, check out Walkthrough Video for Location #2. This location is where a Revolutionary War Battle took place on April 13th, 1777. During the surprise attack, 30-120 American soldiers died and 40-80 were taken prisoner by the British! On location, I experience residual energy, an earthbound spirit that is not related to the battle, an earth bound spirit who IS related to the battle, and two women who are not earth bound spirits whom carried messages to me in regards to the battle!

Check out my W/I Videos Page for a listing of all my live mediumship sessions on location and their sister Investigation Reveal videos!

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