COVID-19: A Quieter Time for Us = More Spirit Activity

From personal experience as a medium and location reader, I have come to believe that spirits prefer not to be in locations with high human activity.

What do I mean by that?

They prefer not to hang out in the hallway of a busy and active business. They prefer not to be in a room with many people. They prefer not to be in a full auditorium or full restaurant. Yes, there are occasional paranormal occurrences in these high human contact situations, but by and far paranormal occurrences happen when the lights are off, everything is quiet, and human activity is low.

Often people have a paranormal experience when they are alone in a room, at night. Think of the common story you hear of one worker in a theater that is closing up for the night and by chance sees a figure in the seats when no one is in the theater. Why is it that during a play when hundreds of eyes are in the theater, no one sees anything?

My impression of why this is, is because our human energy is too chaotic. Human energy is dense, we think a lot, and we have a lot of emotions which we have no idea how to manage. Maybe this energetic environment we create has too much interference for spirit to navigate, and perhaps they can only navigate when no one or only one to two people around.

How does this relate to COVID-19?

Well the majority of us are slowing down. We are less preoccupied with work and to do lists and keeping an agenda going. We are having more time to maybe just sit on the couch and watch TV or read, exercise, do yoga, go for a walk in the woods, or meditate. These are all states that are less energetically chaotic. It is well known that calming the mind is the first step to getting messages and impressions from spirit. Through this slowing down and quieting, we may be creating an environment where a spirit is more able to bring us messages or make its presence known.

Also many business and buildings are closed. Again same concept, less people, less human activity, less interference, allows for increased paranormal activity at a location.

Who knows, after the COVID-19 pandemic resides, maybe there will be a flood of paranormal evidence popping up on home videos or business surveillance videos?

Maybe, some of you have already slowed down enough that you have had your first spiritual experience?! If you have, leave a comment below!

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