Location Mediumship

What is Location Mediumship?

What I have come to call Location Mediumship is simply the act of going to a place and using mediumship at that place. This is in contrast to a private reading medium who specifically brings forward passed loved ones associated with a living person, the sitter. Instead, location mediumship is simply acting as a witness and spirit communicator for a location. The place can be a building, landmark, body of water, a business, monument, a home, or really any location on this planet! They ALL have a story!

Once at the location, I open up to read the energy of the place and use my clairs (clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance) to understand these energies. This includes psychic senses, remote viewing (which is a form of psychism), and mediumship. The mediumship portion is communication with either wayward (earthbound) spirits or spirits that not earthbound and are fully in the spirit world.

Spirits voluntarily choose to communicate to me on behalf of the location. I cannot make a spirit talk to me as it is totally their choice to communicate. I also cannot conjure up anyone I choose. I can ask for a specific individual to come forward, but it is up to spirit to choose to do so. Location mediumship is heavily grounded in evidential mediumship with a very strong focus on history.

What location mediumship has allowed me to do is tell stories that want or need to be told. I can bring a voice to those who may be voiceless since their passing. I can also look into the heart of a location at its genius loci. Just doing this kind of work in itself has resolved paranormal activity at locations. I believe this is because spirits may just want their story to be heard, seen, and acknowledged and then are able to rest or move on.

Location mediumship is an amazing and incredible experience that transcends time to assist spirits and locations. It truly is a honor to be able to do this kind of service for a place.

Check out Location Mediumship in action in the GHM Walkthrough videos and their sister Investigation Reveal videos!

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