Remote Viewing History

When I am reading the energy of a location to pick up the history, story, and individuals associated with it, I use a method I call Location Psychometry. To perform location psychometry I use three different energetic techniques:

  1. Psychic Reading
  2. Mediumship
  3. Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is a psychic skill where you “view” in your mind, mostly using clairvoyance, what a location looked like in the past (or future). You can also do this with a location in the present, but usually I am at the location in the present and don’t need to psychically view it in the now. When doing this you can also hear what was going on at that time and pick up sensations reflecting events in that time period.

With this technique I do NOT communicate with spirit but I may “see”, “hear” and “feel” residual energy events that involve people and animals.

There are a few methods I use with this technique:

Method 1 – I mentally ask what the location looked like at a certain date. For example I would ask in my mind, or out loud, “What did X location look like in 1810?” or “What did this dilapidated home look like 20 years ago?” With this intention I can access the information desired and start to pick up impressions and see what it looked like.

This method is great for when you know dates about the location. For example, when a building was built, when settlers first came to the area, when it was used for farm land or when a specific battle took place.

Method 2 – Flip through time like a book. AKA start with the location at present, then have the intention to view the location slowly back into time and see what comes up. This method can take more time but is fascinating! With this method you will pick up major and minor events or changes that have happened to a location in the past. I liken this method to slicing through a tall multilayered cake. When slicing this way you can see all the layers of a historical record. Similar to how layers of rock sediment tell a story of Earth’s history for geologists. But with this technique I am looking at energetic layers.

This method is great if you don’t know specifics about a location. This is because major events or important events will be prominent in the energetic history. AKA their cake layers will be more obvious. Maybe the date the large building being built wasn’t really important, but the major fire that happened 5 years afterwards was!

Method 3 – With intention I ask to see the time/event most needed to be seen. This is the least specific method but often the most important for telling the story. Sometimes a location just wants you to witness one event or one time period and there is no need to see it through every 10-50 years or a specific date.

These are some methods I use for remote viewing the history of a location. There are a ton of resources out there about remote viewing because it has been researched and even used as an intelligence tactic in the military. If you want to know more about remote viewing in general check out Lynn Buchanan and Lori Williams.

Check out my W/I Videos Page for a listing of all my live mediumship sessions on location and their sister Investigation Reveal videos!

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