Museums and Mediumship

As a medium with an interest in history, museums are goldmines because they are filled with historical items! These items are each hand picked to specifically remember an event, a person, a place, or an idea.

What I do with mediumship at museums is I use an object or artifact as a trigger to bridge the connection with a specific person or event. I tap into the energy of the object and let it bring me to the person/event. This does not mean there are “attachments” to these objects. It is just a common energy link to more easily access or find the energy of a particular person/event.

So what is it about items and energetic information from the past which enable a mediumistic link? This relates to psychometry. The idea that energetic information is stored in objects (and in my opinion also locations in space). This stored energetic information can then be read/experienced by a medium or psychic. Often this information can be obtained by touching or holding the object, but for me, I tune into the energy it is giving off. I use this method because most objects in museums are behind glass and cannot be handled. This doesn’t matter, they can still be read even in a display case when tuning in. To read more about psychometry check out my post on Location Psychometry.

You don’t have to be a trained medium or psychic to experience this energy from objects. Often museums can feel “heavy” or “dense” or emotional and these are not wayward/earthbound spirits you are picking up. What you are experiencing is the intermingling of residual energy and memories of all of the objects there! Which is EXACLTY what museums are meant to be! Taking a step back to remember and experience the past.

So the next time you visit a museum remember, be respectful that each item is important and special to a specific time period, person, place or event and know that there is energy stored in it which can be experienced.

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