Paranormal Activity Post Investigation

So what happens at a location after a paranormal investigation? Do the spirits get angry? Do they go away?

Many people think that during a paranormal investigation, the spirits of the place get “angry” and the activity will increase afterwards because things have been “stirred up”. This is mostly a storyline that TV has conjured up and in my own experience is RARELY the case.

Usually after a paranormal investigation the activity either doesn’t change much or more often it decreases! And this is not because I or the paranormal investigation team I work with do energy/spirit clearings, blessings, or spirit rescues.

What I believe leads to less activity post investigation are two things:

  1. The Spirit FINALLY feels heard and seen! After communicating they don’t feel the need any more to keep appearing, making noises, or doing things to the living to be acknowledged! It’s like a big sigh of relief for them. “Ok these people know I am here. I told them my message or story and I am more at peace.” Almost all spirit activity, not including residual activity, are individuals who just want to be acknowledged.
  2. The Homeowner FINALLY feels heard and seen! Having a group come in and reflect back to the homeowner that we A) believe them and B) can provide answers as to who and what may be going on in their home provides a LOT of validation and reassurance. We as humans are mostly afraid of what we don’t know or don’t understand. Once there is a bit more information available about what is going on, the unknown lessens. This leads to a more empowered and less fearful homeowner who is more comfortable and confident in their home.

What may not change post investigation is activity due to residual energy. These are events being replayed in the timeline of a location and since they are not technically intelligent, they can continue. To eliminate these, often a house clearing, blessing, and/or filling up of the home with high frequencies to override the residual energy is required. Even these tactics may not stop the residual activity. That being said, a homeowner knowing that what they are experiencing it is not an entity or spirit but is instead a residual benign memory replaying itself in the timeline is in itself reassuring.

Rarely activity can increase after an investigation, and it does not have to be in a malicious way. This increase can be due to more attention being paid to the spirits and if the spirits are enjoying this attention or their goal is to interact with the living then the activity may continue or heighten. Sometimes a homeowner is more curious and deliberately begins interacting with the spirits more. This can increase the activity as well.

In general, spirits are regular people who lived regular lives with real struggles who just want to be acknowledged. Once this occurs often the paranormal activity in a home decreases.

Check out my Walkthrough and Investigation Reveal Videos Page for a listing of my mediumship sessions at historic locations!

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