Energy Reading: Water vs. Land vs. Air

When energetically and mediumistically reading locations, the energies of the water, the land and the air are very different.

What do I mean by this? Messages come from energetic vibrations. Psychics and mediums are able to understand the messages of the energy of the unseen and are able to translate the energy into words. If you are sensitive to energies and are in a situation where you are comfortable to open up to read a location, the sensations felt and understood with water, land, and air are very different. This is done by reading/intuiting the energetic information of something (person, place, animal, plant, mineral, object) or topic and translating it into words or messages. Energetic information obtained can be about an event, a place, a person or thoughts. Different places contain different energetic signatures and when reading a place, the information comes in different ways.

In the following, I will compare some of the energy characteristics of land, water and air features that I have found to be true for my experiences:

Land Energy

Includes fields, meadows, hills, mountains, rocks, forests, deserts

  • Tends to be more stable
  • Tends to be reside closer to the surface of the ground
  • Tends to be heat sensitive – meaning that when warm sun is on the land the energy will change compared to on a colder day with clouds the energy coming off the land will feel different.
  • Tends to be relative to the organic matter around – plants, rocks, dirt etc.
  • Holds historical events and deep or shocking emotions very well. Rocks hold information over a very very long time.

Water Energy

Includes ponds, streams, rivers, lakes, the ocean

  • Tends to be more flexible and changing
  • Tends to reside in a cloud over the water source, starting at the surface of the water but extending upwards in a cloud/balloon of energy
  • Tends to be less heat sensitive – Water temperatures are generally more stable and take longer to change so therefore sun and clouds and temperature don’t affect it as much on a day to day. That being said when water is frozen, it’s energy is different than when in liquid form or gas form.
  • Tends to have more movement and sound in the energy signature – depending on how fast the water is moving and how many rapids or waves are present
  • Holds historical messages, sounds, and emotions very well.
  • Individuals tend to show up more often when a water feature is present.

Air Energy

Includes all the air space around you at a location (inside or outside location), wind, sound

  • Tends to be very flexible and change by the minute
  • Tends to be all encompassing
  • Tends to be heat, moisture, cold sensitive
  • Tends to be very affected by movement – if there is no movement = stagnation, if there is a lot of movement = regeneration.
  • With less movement, energy information can build and build and feel thick. This is often why basements feel “heavy” or “dense” and this energy can be mistaken for fear. Then people then think that a ghost or spirit is in the basement! Often this is not true and it is just your body reading the lack of movement and buildup of energy information in that space and because we are not trained on how to interpret this energy feeling we get fearful and think its bad.
  • Contrast this to places with a lot of air movement and space like the top of a hill or mountain. People love the clean, clear, feeling of these places because often there is ample air movement and energy flow! No build up of densities here!

When I am at a location reading its information I take in all of the natural features present to help me read a place. Each location and day will have a unique combination of these elements. For example, if there are a lot of rocks, they are great at holding information over a long long period of time! A great example of this is during a reading in a cave where the residual energy of an ancient Native American band from thousands of years ago were there!

I also find that reading homes and buildings can also be easier as there is less movement of energy and therefore more options to read what is present. Also I think it is easier for spirit to present themselves in a place where the energy doesn’t move or change as much.

Have fun exploring different places and feeling what stories are there to be heard!

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