Why Mining Locations Are Spiritually Active

All over the world, mining locations are typically hot spots for reported paranormal activity. This can range from seeing spirit entities, feeling different sensations (emotions, skin sensations, fear, heaviness, etc.), seeing glowing lights, and hearing noises (rocks being thrown, knocks, whistles, growls, whispers, footsteps, ringing, ect.).

Mining locations have many different intrinsic and extrinsic factors uniquely attributing to it’s potential spiritual activity.

Some intrinsic factors include:

  • The geology – Mines are created to get minerals from the Earth to the surface. Each mineral, just like each crystal stone, has its own energetic properties depending on its geologic crystalline make-up. Rock structures are energetically potent and constantly emit their unique energetic vibration, which can contribute to spiritual activity.
  • Magnetism – Magnetism occurs, most often, when there is an imbalance in the structural arrangement of the iron ions in the rock. This can give the rock a magnetic field and a charge! The charge of the rocks can promote spiritual activity. A list of minerals that are magnetic:
  • The Environment – This has to do with water sources nearby, water flowing through the mine, humidity and temperature in the mine, weather, air flow through the mine, lack of sunlight in the mine, etc.
  • Physical Barriers – The mine is a closed tube with usually a dead end meaning that energy given off from humans (hammering sounds, pain, anger, etc.) have no where to go but bounce off the walls, integrate into the walls, and marinate in these closed pits. The mine shafts or pits feel like being inside a tube that intrinsically vibrating its own rock energy all around you, 24/7. You are immersed in its vibration energy and spirits are too. Open pit mines don’t have this effect as much.

Some extrinsic factors include:

  • Disruptive Trauma to the Earth – Blasting and hammering away at rock formations and removing materials from its natural location, creates a form of environmental trauma to the intrinsic location. This leaves a type of energetic scarring and weakening.
  • Human Emotion/Trauma – Energetic imprints of human toil and trauma are common in mines due to the hard physical labor and the many hours miners spent working in hazardous conditions. Injuries and accidents were commonplace. As mentioned above, because of the intrinsic closed nature of these mines, emotional energy given off by these miners tends to get stuck in the mine.
  • Negative Entities – Not all mines have negative entities, but these are a prime location to attract them due to the darkness, solitude, trapped human energy, sites of trauma, injury and toil, as well as the presence of scarring in a previously healthy environment.

Because of these factors mentioned, mine sites are common places for spiritual and paranormal activity. Not all mines have activity and not all mines have negative activity. Each location is unique.

I do wonder if mines with magnetic properties have more or less negative entities present? I wonder if my continued W/I Locations visits to different mines will eventually help me sort this question out.

Check out my W/I Videos Page for a listing of all my live mediumship sessions on location and their sister Investigation Reveal videos!

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