Repeating Energy Patterns: Water Landscapes

I am always reflecting on the locations I have visited. Why was I drawn there? Why did this information and these individuals come forward? And why are there repeating patterns at a location through the timeline?

This is coming up for me, because the section of river where Location #9 Video was filmed has recently taken another life. Three lives since filming our video . . . And 15 lives (that I could discover) in the last 80 years. I ask myself, why do these accidents keep happening? Is there a repeating pattern here?

There is a common metaphysical saying when dealing with energy, “Like Attracts Like”. Meaning an energy vibration will magnetize material things and energetic things which vibrate in energetic resonance with it.

Can a location vibrate in the “Like Attracts Like” principle?


What this means is a location will tend to attract similar energy patterns it has attracted in the past. For example, a place where sketchy stuff happens will tend to continue to attract sketchy things and a place where beauty and love occur tend to attract more beauty and love. And a place that is dangerous will attract danger.

The repeating pattern at Location #9 may be something similar to why some places on the highway seem to cause accidents. Sometimes it is due to a poor design of the road (extrinsic factor), and sometimes it is due to the natural terrain and weather conditions (intrinsic factor) and the combination of both of these factors together form the unique energy flow and signature of a location in history which can be read.

At this Location #9, many things have been done extrinsically to affect the flow of the river including two dams, a canal, rocks placed below the waterfall to fill in the swimming hole, and not far away the old town was flooded for the Jersey City Reservoir. These extrinsic alterations will affect the original natural intrinsic flow of energy in the area to a sort of “backing up” in addition to sudden increases of energy at the the dam overflows due to sudden fast water flow. Not to mention water in itself carries more energy memory than a location without water, AND moving water carries an ever greater memory and energetic potential than resting bodies of water, due to the negative ions that accumulate.

But the major thing I keep coming back to is the essence of this stretch of river. It is still a river with a massive waterfall, a gorge of boulders, and rocky sides. In fact, when doing research on this location I read about an old Lenni Lenape foot path on the hillside going around this stretch of river. They understood the need to avoid the falls and gorge for what they are, a powerful force. A powerful force that has been there at least since the last ice age 15,000-18,000 years ago which is a lot of ionic power built up in the timelines!

Why are humans repeatedly attracted to awe inspiring powerful and potentially dangerous landscapes? Are we drawn to natural features such as rivers and waterfalls because of the energy they exude and surround us in when we are present? I think it is possible we are not even aware of how much we are being energetically affected by the intrinsic factors of these incredible natural features. It may not even be an energetic/emotional sensation we have words for other than maybe adrenaline? Awe? Peace? It is possible we are feeling these sensations because of a resonance and immersion with the intrinsic energy of these magnificent locations affecting our aura leading to healing and meditative states.

I do wonder if there is some energetic trance that places of natural magnificence, or places with high running water, put us into. There is certainly something about bubbling brooks which puts me at automatic ease and into a meditative state. Feng shui water features are added strategically in homes to alter energy flow and change our experience of energy in the home. Imagine, if we can experience energy changes from a small water feature, how are these massive natural water landscapes really affecting us? Do they put us in an energetic overload into peace and wonder where maybe we forget what we are doing or where we are for a moment? Maybe the sounds and the ionic energy of it all is too much for our senses and we unintentionally become disoriented somehow leading to abnormal behavior or a misstep of a foot fall.

I don’t really know, but it does make me ask the question, energetically, what is going on here and will it continue?!

I do know places can heal and change energetically over time. I have felt this through timelines of a location as new layers are added a new balance of energy occurs. Sometimes intrinsically this can take thousands of years to smooth out a mountain to allow air flow to return to the valley and energetically clear it. Or sometimes it is just giving a location reverence, respect, and wild tending from a distance that heals a place. Places can also heal extrinsically by removing extrinsic alterations, placing a memorial, or using prayers of love, hope, and healing. One very strong place of location healing are the memorials at Ground Zero in New York City. The energy of that event is still VERY present there, but slowly remembrances, prayer, and hope can assist in healing a history and maybe even overcome a pattern.

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  1. I agree that people need to be careful at some locations, i.e., intrinsically dangerous ones. But I think that people are drawn to these beautiful spots because we are part of nature, and it is healing to us on some level.


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