How to Spiritually Read a Location’s Energy

This is one of my favorite things to do! Every medium and psychic does this a little differently as each of our abilities and natural tendencies are unique, but I will walk you through my process!

Everyone can do this with practice and patience!

Step 1: Center

  • Centering is similar to another word you may hear in the metaphysical world called “grounding”. Basically it means bringing your self and your energy back into present time and place within yourself. Using the Earth energies to do this is a wonderful way to bring it back to NOW! When you are well centered/well grounded you will feel solid, present, stable, full, and connected to the Earth. (It feels kind of like how I image a tree would feel).

Step 2: Clear and Protection

  • Once centered, you can then clear your energy and mind using your thoughts, imagination, and third eye visualization. This is pretty simple. Breathe in and out deeply a few times to quiet the mind and then imagine your energy aura being filled with a yellow, gold, or white light (you can choose any color you wish) and this light is pushing out any thoughts, or emotions, or energy gunkies that don’t serve you.
  • Once you have cleared, then with your thoughts, imagination, and third eye visualizations place yourself in a protective bubble of yellow, gold, or white light. Ask your angels, ancestors, and guides to assist and protect you (you can also say any other protection prayer you would like). I like to have my guides near while doing this work. It makes me feel like I am apart of a team, which for me feels empowering.
  • Note: This is not to protect you from the “bad” energies . . . this is really just meant to create a clear healthy energy boundary for yourself. This allows you to identify what is you and yours as separate from the messages and impressions you receive from the location.

Step 3: Permission

  • Now that you are grounded, clear and protected. Send an intentional thought out to the location you wish to read and ask permission to read it. I say something like, “Dear X Location, I respectfully ask permission today to act as a witness of your history. I am only here to witness and report.”
  • Usually after saying that statement, I will get an impression or feeling of lightness, a yes, ease, an opening, light, happiness, or love. If I get heaviness, a no, a wall, resistance, or anger that is a No and I won’t proceed. If I get no response, I will ask again. If I continue to get no response I may move to a different area of the location and ask again. If I continue to get no response or a “No”, I stop, and proceed to Step 7.

Step 4: Open

  • Once a light response or “Yes” has been received, I then check my grounding, clearing, and protection status again. Once all that feels good, I then open my senses outward.
  • This is hard to describe, its kind of like sending feelers out into the location picking up on energies, and then being patient to receive something back. I start with focusing on the land, and its intrinsic factors, then spirit energies, if there are any present.
  • I may walk around, or stay in one location. I may also physically touch objects (aka psychometry) to gather a whole story. I may keep my eyes closed or open. Try different things and see what works for you!

Step 5: Receive

  • Anything, and everything that first comes to your mind or body (impressions, thoughts, words, colors, shapes, emotions, feelings, and body sensations) when truly open and genuinely intending to connect with a location is true to that location! You have to trust whatever you are experiencing has meaning! You can do this!
  • Be patient.
  • Record what you are picking up in a voice recorder, notebook, or on video. As oftentimes you will forget what you received after closing and every little thing matters!

Step 6: Clarify

  • You can ask questions! If something isn’t clear to you or you would like more information about something you are picking up on, just ask! Ask for more clarification, or ask to see the message in a different way.
  • A lot of times spirits and locations do not divulge their entire stories right off the bat. You usually have to ask questions to intentionally hone in on energetic information. Think of your focused questions acting like moving the TV antenna positions to better pick up a more clear response on the TV screen (your impressions).
  • You can also ask a spirit energy or location energy to stop if it is too much or too uncomfortable for you. You must truly intend for them to stop from a centering place. You can’t half want and half not. You can send out your protection bubble, guides, and angels if need be, but this is rarely needed if your intention is true.
  • In the beginning, I would only stay in Step 5 and 6 for 10 minutes maximum and then move on to Step 7.

Step 7: Closing

  • When you wish to be done you must disconnect.
  • Respectfully thank the location and energies within the location for connecting to you. Then close your connection, by closing your intention to connect. Bring your energy feelers back to yourself, center and ground yourself, again, and say something like, “Thank you for letting me read this location, I am closing my connection now.” It will feel like you are dropping everything (like dropping your grocery bags or purse and stepping away).
  • It is good to eat something afterwards, drink water, do qigong meridian tapping, or even some light exercise (jumping jacks) to really bring your body, mind, and spirit back to the present moment.
  • Some people will sage or palo santo smoke clear themselves afterwards, and you can do this if you like.

And that’s it!

Try it out in different places and see how different they feel!

Check out my W/I Videos Page for a listing of all my live mediumship sessions on location and their sister Investigation Reveal videos!

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