What Makes St. Patrick’s Cemetery Unique?

After having read my post about Cemeteries and Spiritual Activity . . . you may be asking well what is different about the cemetery featured in the Location #1 Walkthrough Video?

I have wondered this myself as to why it caught my attention so strongly! Some intrinsic and extrinsic factors affecting the location’s energy and why it is different than other cemeteries include:

  • It is located in the middle/right on top of the old mines – Literally a huge mine opening that is blocked off except for bats is right below the cemetery, and the mining vein runs right under it. There are also other open mines and shafts located on either side of it. The mining operation functioned all around this cemetery!
  • It is a forgotten location – Of the reported 440 bodies that are buried here, only 40 still have legible markers.
  • It is a forgotten mining community – The buildings of the mining operation are no longer standing. There are stone foundations which can still be found in the woods, but the houses and buildings are gone. The church that ran the cemetery burnt down in 1910 and was not rebuilt, although bodies continued to be buried here. These workers not only worked in the mines near this cemetery, they also LIVED near the cemetery too!
  • Iron ore is in the geologic make up of the land – Iron is magnetic. Meaning that not only does it have its own crystalline structure as a metal, but it also has an energetic charge. This can strengthen, maintain, and assist spiritual activity in a location. Check out a list of all magnetic minerals HERE.
  • Accidents around the location – Mining is inherently dangerous, and accidents and trauma may have happened around the cemetery.

For these reasons I feel that St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Hibernia, NJ has more history and mystery than most cemeteries I have encountered, and an enormous need to have its voice heard : )

Check out my W/I Videos Page for a listing of all my live mediumship sessions on location and their sister Investigation Reveal videos!

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  1. I grew up in Hibernia and took many hikes up to the graveyard as a kid (in the 1980s. I always thought it was ‘spooky’ as some of the graves had been dug up and it was isolated. We had to do reports in 4th grade about the history of Rockaway Township. A lot of the buildings were still standing in Hibernia. Drive towards Green Pond and there is an old stone outline of a school across from the Hibernia firehouse. The multi family dwellings were homes to the miners families. It would be interesting to know how/if the graveyard was impacted after it was sold to become a golf course in the late 1980’s. Mines were blasted shut and the landscape was changed. The project fell through and ultimately was turned it the Wildlife preserve.


    1. Hi Holly! Thanks so much for your comment. I can’t imagine going there as a kid! How cool! The wildlife preserve and hiking in the area really is phenomenal, but I didn’t know that it was original supposed to be turned into a golf course. Thankfully that never happened and at least some of the history in the area can be preserved. Thanks for the tip about the old stone outline by the Hibernia Firehouse, I will have to check it out. I don’t normally do mediumship sessions in cemeteries, but I just felt like this location was so forgotten that it wanted to be heard and it seems it really has captured the imagination of many people who visit!


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