Mediumship is Possible Because of The Particle/Wave Duality

Ok this topic is always running through my mind A) because I still think its incredible that myself and others can interpret spirit and psychic energy phenomena, and B) As a science girl, I do believe that it all CAN be explained by physics, we just don’t really know it yet.

Everything is energy and energy is everywhere. It has been proven in science that anything with matter and acceleration has a wave behavior pattern AND a particle behavior pattern. The more mass, the more particle and the less wave and with less mass comes more wave and less particle. But EVERYTHING has a wave and particle component to its reality.

A wave is a wavelength of fluctuating energy. Think of radio waves, the color spectrum, and ripples in water. When this wave of energy interacts with something, a portion of it goes through, a portion of it is absorbed, and a portion of it deflects or refracts. This interaction point is the wave acting as a particle of energy. This particle interaction is how photographs and x-ray images are made, from wavelengths of light.

What the heck does this have to do with mediumship!?

Spirit does not have perceptible large amounts of mass, like people do. Meaning to our perspective, people are made of up mostly particle with a small wavelength output while spirit is made up of mostly wavelength and a small amount of particle interaction. This is why spirit when observed with our own eyes, which is rare, is often described as a thin see through mist moving through objects, because they have very little mass. Because spirit energies are mostly wavelength, they do not interact strongly as mass particle, meaning they can easily walk though what we perceive as solid objects.

When we interact or encounter a spirit energy we can experience their wavelength and mass as body sensations. This is commonly experienced as a cold spot, skin tingling, heat, pain, a spider web sensation or a light brush or touch.

Are these sensations real or made up?!

I believe they are real experiences because humans have actually evolved to detect wavelengths and interpret them in many different ways! Our traditional senses are seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling are all based on wavelengths and their interaction with a surface receptor. Hearing is our ear sense organs detecting sound waves which then are transformed into nerve impulses sent to the brain for interpretation. Similarly, but with a different wavelength type, our eyes have evolved to detect light waves which then are transformed into nerve impulses sent to our brains for interpretation and the creation of an image. In another way, our skin detects UV sunlight as heat sensation alerting us to staying out of the sun to avoid getting a sun burn.

Why is it so hard to imagine that our bodies have also evolved senses to pick up the wavelengths of other energies of low masses around us as well and have the ability to understand what they mean?!

These “extra” senses, often called the “6th senses”, are how mediums and every day people pick up information intuitively. They are generally called clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Our bodies can detect spirit, in wavelength form, and interpret these wavelengths. This is an ability that every human being is born with, but it takes practice to attune this skill and become more adept at the subtleties and nuances of this energy reading.

There is some thought that the sense organ for these wavelengths is the pineal gland. The result of this gland getting activated is called the piezoelectric effect. For more information about the pineal gland and the higher mind, I highly recommend the books and writing of Dr. Joe Dispenza and his book Becoming Supernatural.

During mediumship, what happens is I experience an energetic sensation in one of my clair abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience). There is a pause as my brain receives the 6th sense nerve impulses for interpretation. Then I form a verbal translation of the sensation input to the sitter. For me at this time in my mediumship learning and development, there usually is a short pause or delay as I am moving from energetic input to verbal understanding output. But very skilled mediums may have no pause in interpretation. Its like understanding a new language but the language is written in particles and waves of energy instead of letters or hieroglyphics!

This is just another way to think about how this whole thing of mediumship or psychic readings are possible. Everything is energy, and energies are interacting all the time. Our bodies are incredible in that they are able to intrepret these energies!!!

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  1. Hi, wow, fascinating read. I obviously come from a very different background and have reached very different conclusions on the same topic, but I am super open. When I explored astral projection, I found it to be something comparable to mediumship, in the sense that you need to be in a trance-like state, akin to being half-awake, half-asleep. This is a mental state in which the conscious is touching the subconscious. Your faculties for dreaming are activating and within reach despite you still being technically conscious. You’re at ‘the edge’. Now, we call spirits ‘jinn’, and we learnt that they love all ‘edges’. The spaces between doors, the evening, the spot between light and shadow, etc. They are made from “smokeless fire”, which can only be understood nowadays as ‘energy’. They are ‘wispy’, and to interact with them, our mind needs to also go into a ‘wispy’ state. So we can meet them in our dreams, but even more strikingly, during the ‘in-between’ trance state. It is always in the brief period before falling asleep or waking up, where I am semi-conscious, that I notice things. A few days a go, I heard a woman shriek me awake. The same woman also had a half-human, half-dog voice the other day. And sometime last week, I heard dogs barking in my room, or in the near distance, when I know there aren’t any nearby in my area. It always happens in that trance-like period. I even think I had a jinn girl play a joke on me, making sounds like a boiler was about the explode in my room, but it just resulted in a farting noise. In the past, I’ve heard monster growls, I’ve heard and felt something like a wild beast rise from my chest and dash, invisibly across my house, in which my father also heard and inquired where the animal noise came from. I’ve seen hooded figures reciting creepy things over me. A long time ago, I had a simultaneous bad dream with my sister in the next room, where I woke up, ‘felt’ the thing tear away from me, and a few moments later, my sister woke up screaming. The point of all of this is, is that it I have only ever seen or heard anything like this in that partially conscious state in-between wakefulness and sleep. The pineal gland is connected with sleep, no? When we are at that mental state, perhaps can we better pick up ‘their’ energy, at whatever specific level between particle and wave they and their sights and sounds are? Sorry for a long comment, I just haven’t seen anyone else approach this topic from a objective scientific level on here, so dumped it all on you.


    1. Hahaha no worries about the dump! I am a science girl having non-sciencey experiences. I am always searching to explain how any of this is actually possible. I am familiar with the concept of jinn and I love how you put it “they love all ‘edges’. The spaces between doors, the evening, the spot between light and shadow, ect.” This is exactly where spirit energy exists in my experience. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Their energy lies in the “in-between” and how I have come to understand this is the “in-between” lies in transition states between the particle and wave characteristics that all energy contains, and the pineal gland is sensitive to this.

      I also have come to believe when initially starting to “wake up” to the subtle awareness of spirit and other energies, people often start having experiences just like you during sleep, meditation, or near sleep states. These are the states when your conscious mind/judgements/preconceptions/doubts are lowered and your subtle impressionable awareness (often called the 6th senses or intuition) is most pure and unhindered. And yes exactly! In these moments you ARE better able to pick up their energy and interpret it through your natural ability of the pineal gland because it is now unencumbered by the conscious mind! Psychics and mediums are able to naturally exist in this subtle impressionable awareness state without having to be in a semi conscious state (although people do that too in a technique called trance mediumship). It is my belief that everyone has the ability (we all have the hardware to do it : ) ), but some people are born more sensitive while others develop more awareness of this ability over time. Mediumship and psychic development courses and classes work on the ability to have more understanding and control of this subtle impressionable awareness state and bringing it into more conscious awareness. It is like turning a switch on and off or turning the radio dial to a different station. Yes the pineal gland is involved in sleep and relaxation as it secrets melatonin!

      Those are incredible, and intense, experiences! Wow! Sometimes initial awareness of spirit and energies occur in intense ways in an effort for them to get our attention and convince us spirit energies are real! I do feel there has been traditionally the idea we are helpless or not in control of these spirit experiences. I think this idea is where a lot of the fear comes from. One of the aspects of spirit contact I am passionate about is empowering others that we ARE able to say NO to experiences that make us uncomfortable or are unwanted and we have the ability to fill our spaces with our energy creating a barrier to unwanted experiences. If your experiences ever get too overwhelming or unwanted I would recommend an active meditation practice called Sitting in the Power. It basically is a meditation practice where you feel your own inner Divine light power and merge that Divine light power with the bigger Divine universal energy (aka God source) fully filling you and your space with your presence and power. I have a blog post about this and there are also a bunch of free guided meditations you an find on YouTube.

      Thanks for reading and the comment. It really made me think!

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      1. Thanks for your science-meets-spirituality blog post! I too am clairaudient and clairsentient, but I’m interested in honing my skill. Can you recommend where one might go for training as you did?


      2. Hello! Yes practicing and developing our clairs is so important to understanding how they work for us! This link
        is to my channeling blog where i have a page of recourses that have been instrumental to me and my development. I am a big book person, so surprise there, and in that resource are books that I continuously go to over and over again for guidance. There is also a list of website/organizations that have helped me too. I have been in mediumship development circle with The Journey Within since 2019 and this consistency of practice has greatly helped me. I started with their beginner weekend workshops, then entered the beginner mediumship and beginner psychic classes. I also started with Amanda Linette Meder who offered wonderful teachings and endless resources on all topics metaphysical. Best of luck on your exciting journey! Please feel free to reach out with any questions


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