Mediumship: Intention is Everything

How do you even start to read energic impressions as a medium or psychic?


This is one of the first concepts an aspiring medium or psychic or an empath/intuitive/sensitive needs to know. The entire process starts with genuine focused intention to enter liminality for information. You also need the belief that this is REAL and you CAN do this!

This focused intention is so important because energy consciousness is endless and it is not bound by time or place. In fact, it has very little boundaries at all and the energetic information is complexly layered and interconnected. If you have no intention and are without focus, then you will swim and swim and swim in the liminal space and never get coherent or relevant information. Your focused intention is your guide and boundary to obtaining the information you are interested in!

This idea of information in the liminal space can seem overwhelming like finding a needle in a huge haystack. Instead of chaotically rummaging around in the hay, think of this intentional process like how a compass works. A compass is a magnetically charged needle, that will always align north when allowed to be freely balanced without restrictions. How do you charge the needle to find your informational north? With intention!

An intention is a desire, curiosity, goal or question. In the way of mediumship or psychic work, think of this intentional process like a small north pole magnet (information target) in a haystack (endless energetic liminal matrix) and a magnetically charged needle on a thread (intentional mind thought, desire, curiosity, goal, or question). If there is no charge to the needle, it will spin and spin and get lost in the haystack and it won’t point or guide you. But if the thought needle is charged with an intention, it will automatically be guided to the corresponding north magnet in the haystack and information can be obtained when they align!

Where your mind goes . . . energy flows. There is a common idea in metaphysics today of mentally drawing a desired outcome to you through visualization and intention. People have healed themselves, won the lottery, and achieved championships through a powerful mental technique of focusing on a clear intentional desired outcome. This process works for getting our own personal desired outcome, but it doesn’t allow for someone else’s outcome.

In mediumship and psychic work the OUTCOME/ANSWER is NOT what we focus on.

You are responsible for creating a balanced compass with unrestricted movement. If you did intend an outcome, you will get interference and the needle won’t be able to align truthfully. False answers will be created by the mind or Ego which are not in alignment with the location, sitter, or spirit you are connecting to. The real skill of mediumship and psychic work is to cultivate a pin point intention while allowing for an array of answer and response outcomes to be received. We have no idea where the compass will point to! Focused out, receptive in.

An example of incorrectly using intention in this work is starting with the question “How many children lived here?” and at the same time you also think “Two children would be perfect for a family to have. Two children is most common for families. I like and I desire to have two children. I bet this family most likely had two children.” In this scenario, you are not being open to the real answer. Your mind is inserting a biased answer and most likely you will falsely feel like you picked up on the presence of two children living there when in fact there were five.

Instead the correct use of intention in this work is open ended. Start with a strong genuine intention to look into the liminal energetic matrix with the same question, “How many children lived here? Gosh I genuinely am so curious as to how many children lived here?” and then wait for this charged needle to align with any and all impressions that to come to you. In this method, there is no focus on the outcome or answer but a clear focused intention on the question and a clear focused intention to receive. Focused out, receptive in.

This is an active and passive process that takes practice, practice, patience, practice, belief, trust, and a lot of humility.

Look for the next blog in this series Mediumship: Concepts.

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