Historical Feedback for Location Mediumship: A Treasure Hunt

I always analyze and assess the information I pick up when doing location mediumship. I do not analyze the information during a reading, as this would interfere with my spirit communication and energy impressions. But after a reading, I critically look at what information came through. How did it come through? What techniques did I use? Did those techniques work? (more on techniques in a future post) and can this information be validated from the history books? Why or why not?

This historical research analysis is presented in the Investigation Reveal videos. I do this lengthy, non sexy, and time consuming step because:

A) I flat out really love history and research.

B) Obtaining this information is feedback for my continued growth as a medium as there really are no books out there to walk me though how to do what I do.

C) It provides stronger evidence of the continuity of life as well as proof of the larger matrix of information accessible at locations.

I practice and value evidential mediumship where information obtained by a medium must be validated. A medium working one-on-one with a client sitter can get instant validation of their accuracy. I don’t have the luxury of feedback in the moment. There are no historians on site and most people from the time frames I look at have all passed away. I really have to trust the information I am getting and afterwards obtain the evidence.

One amazing research moment occurred while gathering information after the Mountainville Walkthrough. In this reading, a Lenape Native American came to talk about the location and he mentioned that caves were there. I had no knowledge of caves anywhere in New Jersey, nor did I know that the Lenape used them. I was later researching at the Hunterdon County Historical Society, and I came across an article “Caves on Hell Mountain” and where we were sitting was at the base of Hell Mountain! I shouted out loud and started laughing in the silent room full of other researchers! I definitely got some looks and an innocent inquiry as to why something from a history book could bring me so much joy. Wow! That was clear as day validation of the accuracy of what I was told by spirit!

Sometimes even with extensive research, I never will be able to find evidence of some of the things that come up in a location reading. Some reasons for this are maybe the history books get it wrong, the event or person was never historically documented, my interpretation of the impressions I picked up were inaccurate, or sometimes my research is not complete enough and it really is recorded somewhere but I am just unable to find it.

In the cases were information cannot be directly validated, I take that information with a grain of salt and speculation, and I recommend you do too.

But what CAN be found and validated is so exciting! It’s like a treasure hunt!

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