GHM Interview with Spirit Speaks! Rich, our fearless leader at New Jersey Paranormal Project (NJPP), just interviewed me for his new podcast/channel Spirit Speaks! Check it out to get a more in-depth insight into how this whole spirit communication and location reading works for me and some recommendations on what you can do to communicate with spirit as well!

Cemeteries and Spirit Activity

Remember being on the school bus and everyone holding their breath as it drove by a cemetery? All the kids turning blue trying to hold out as the last one standing!? Where did that tradition come from? Cemeteries and burial grounds have been locations of awe, respect, love, reverence, and separation for thousands of years.... Continue Reading →

Psychometry: It’s Not only for objects!

In my videos I use this technique so I wanted to give some background of how this works for me and what it is. Some very famous mediums, like Tyler Henry The Hollywood Medium, use psychometry when they perform a mediumistic reading to connect to an individual spirit. Psychometry is the skill of getting psychic... Continue Reading →

Aren’t You Afraid of Ghosts!?

I get asked this all the time by friends, family members, and people who are new to spirit contact! I will tell you the simple answer is sometimes, but not like I was 10 years ago. 10 years ago the old house where I started to realize something unseen was affecting me was terrifying. I... Continue Reading →

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