Location Mediumship: Concepts

So far there are a few historical mediumship concepts that I have been using to obtain energetic information.

The first concept is so important that I made its own blog post about it, Intention is Everything. Without intention your mind will be unfocused and your information will not be accurate or true to the person, place or event. In a later post I will talk about techniques and ways to practice focused intention.

The second concept is energy consciousness records EVERYTHING! And I mean everything. What does this mean? It means that there is a very complex matrix of energy consciousness that acts as a memory bank. This memory bank of energy contains information which we can access with a focused intention. This consciousness matrix is not defined by place or time and is endless and boundless. It is complex and layered. You can think of it like a 4D/5D encyclopedia snow globe where you are the figure inside the globe and each little snow particle is energetic information. How this works for me at a location is the location is the 4D/5D snow globe and I am in the middle of it catching information particles with my clairs. If you want more information about energy consciousness there are hundreds of resources out there describing this concept. To start look into Quantum Physics and Akashic Records.

Since the energy consciousness is so vast and endless, the third concept is you need an anchor to read it. Otherwise, you will be lost in all the information that is actually there. Anchors can take many forms and all start with intention. Common ones I use at a location are:

  • Place – the location where I am at
  • Object – a house, chair, pen, door handle, clothing, Etc.
  • Person – can be a person in spirit, or a living individual
  • Time – this can be now, or a specific historical date or year

You can use a combination of these to get even more anchored and specific. You can also try to get information using one anchor and if that isn’t working well you can try another anchor looking at the information from a different perspective.

Now once you have an anchor in mind and a clear focused intention to read the energy information of that anchor, while maintaining a receptive outcome the fourth concept I call the X Y Z planes. What the heck is this? Well once you have an anchor you need to explore it in different energetic planes of information.

  • X – Vertical. Up and down in time of a location. Like reading the sediment layers in rock. What happened at this place 100 years ago? 50 years ago? last year? Can also predict future time with this method. What does this place look like in 20 years? Although I am not into predicting. Can also use intentions like: What is the most important event that happened here? While mentally tracing up and down the vertical.
  • Y – Horizontal. Looking around in a specific time level of a location. This is like fleshing out the time and place area in a horizontal way. What is going on here at this time? Who is here? What does it look like?
  • Z – Depth. Sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts. This is where there is more immersion in the X and Y points with really feeling the experience. Ok I am here, in this now, what else do I need to know to enrich this? This will be residual energy information and events.
XYZ Planes
  • W – 4D and N – 5D. These vectors are harder to interpret because well we are not used to viewing or believing that the world can be 4D or 5D. I am not entirely sure how to interpret these vectors other than by saying that just by entering into the liminal space, we are already experiencing 4D and 5D realities. Something that is common in the 4D and 5D concepts is the idea of folding and flowing onto itself which is very much how energy consciousness works. I believe within these planes is where spirit individuals will come to communicate about a location or about their experience. Folding into presence and then folding out of presence. I also believe that in these planes structural make ups can be observed such as auras and blueprints. What may make more sense is that mediums and psychics are actually using XYZ planes within the 4D and 5D liminality to be able to interpret the 4D/5D information in a time coherent understandable 3D way for the viewer or sitter.
4D Cube

The fifth concept is that none of this is perfect and there is a lot of overlap and change (I think relating to the 4D and 5D nature of mediumship and psychic work). What I pick up may be different from someone else A) because we may have different intentions going into the location and B) we each have our own filters and interpretations of the information that are inherent to being a human. I could go into a place and be drawn to an entirely different time period than I was the day before. Who spoke to me one day may not even be there the next.

And lastly, the sixth concept is that all mediumship, should be evidence based. Everything is taken with a grain of salt until it can be backed up by evidence. This is not to say what is or is not picked up is true or not true. It just means that we need to ground our information with evidence. Always.

Look for the next blog in this series Location Mediumship: Techniques.

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