Ancient Land Spirits

Sometimes when I read a location, there are spirits present which have arisen directly from the land and the events that have occurred to the land. I encountered one of these beings at South Bound Brook as an entity I referred to as The Beast (it looked like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast).... Continue Reading →

Location Psychometry and History

Location psychometry is the term I have come up with to explain what I do when I read a location. It is very similar to what mediums and psychics do when they hold an object and connect with information and/or a person through the energetic residues on the object. But instead, for me, the energetic... Continue Reading →

The Story of a Two Family Home: 1889

I recently did a walkthrough for my brother's new apartment. It is a two family rental in Newton, MA. Usually at a location I may pick up densities and emotions, but typically for me to get information I consciously need to "tap in" to access the psychic energetic information of a location. In this case,... Continue Reading →

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