Spirit Children and The Paranormal: Some Facts

One of the most common paranormal reports at a location are of spirit children. This includes hearing children’s voices or children laughing, as well as hearing small footsteps or a ball bouncing, and even seeing toys move. It is almost cliche at a location to mention “Oh, I see children here” because it seems to be so common.

Why ARE spirit children commonly present at locations?!

  • They have high vibrational energy – This can create a more prominent residual energy imprint of a child spirit at a location. Meaning the residual energy of a child spirit (or living child) may be more easily read at that location.
  • They can be more comfortable and able to move through the dimensions – Because of their naturally high vibrational energy, curiosity, and joy, their spirit energy signature can move more freely through the discarnate to incarnate realms. This allows them more freedom and ability to interact with us! And just as small children are carefree in life, they continue this sentiment in spirit and are usually less hindered by their new energetic state. They can come in, say a quick “Hello”, and then easily return to the spirit realms.
  • They like to play and interact – Children crave interaction and attention and spirit children are no different. At a location, spirit children may be more likely than adult spirits to interact with the living and they may also be more likely to play or interact with investigative tools. Think lights, shiny things, noises, you get the idea.
  • Historically, children passed away more often1910 US Mortality statistics, show 27% of all deaths that year were children under the age of 5. Globally, this chart below shows for over two thousand years, about one fourth of all children died before a year of age and half died before 15 years of age. This trend lasted until the late 1800’s/early 1900’s when modern medicine dramatically decreased infant and youth deaths. Today, globally, things are much different with over 95% of children reaching adulthood.
  • Historically, people (and children) typically passed away at home – To get an idea, in 1949, national statistics revealed that about half of all deaths were not in a hospital or nursing home setting, and prior to 1949, the majority of people died at home. This is compared to 2014, where only 30% of deaths occurred at home. When investigating an older home, it is very likely one or more individuals passed away in the house and also likely a child passed away there as well. Why does this matter? Because when an individual passes away at a location, their energy impression may be more present there.
  • OR . . . It may not actually be a child spirit – When spirit manifests as an apparition or on an energy mapping devise such as SLS, they may show up looking like a small figure. Since spirit is not bound by their previous body, they can technically manifest as any shape, and may choose to present themselves as a small figure (it also takes more energy to show up big than to show up small). Just because the energy signature is appearing as a small figure does not mean it is definitely a child. It may be a child. In addition, spirit voices can sometimes sound like children because they have a higher vibration, higher pitch, and are usually softer sounding than an adult. So, if you hear voices that sound like a child or a manifestation or mapping that looks like a child, it may be a child, but other evidence would be needed to confirm and validate their presence.

I myself have seen and interacted with spirit children at locations. Actually, one of my most intense experiences was with a child spirit, in New Hope, PA. But to be honest, I don’t always encounter them or see them at locations, even when other mediums or investigators have encounters. This can be due to myself not having any children nor do I really resonate with them. They are usually more drawn to parents, other young people, other children (or adults with childlike spirits), or those who spend time with children.

It doesn’t bother me because when I do perceive a child spirit, I usually know it is true and a significant energy for that location. That being said, I always return to historical documentation to confirm if any children are associated with the location to validate what I am picking up.

If you believe there is a child spirit present, I encourage you to begin to collect evidence such as starting a spirit activity journal, and look at the history of the location and the families who lived there. Every location has a story. I also encourage if you are investigating, or are a medium or psychic, try to get a name, description, age, and cause of passing. If you are able to do this, you can greatly narrow down the child spirit who may be present.

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