Mediumship: The Emotional Relationship to Sitter or Location

One of my current intentions when I am connecting to spirits for a sitter, or connecting to spirits at a location, is “What is the emotional relationship?”. I use my clairs to feel into what is the spirit’s emotional relationship to the sitter? Or what is the spirit’s emotional relationship to the location?

This simple inquiry in itself can offer deeper heart to heart understanding of the evidence.

Relationships are multilayered and occur when there is a connection or contact between two things. Within relationships, feelings and emotions about the connection are formed and become layered over time. Relationships are how we are all connected to each other, a place, or a thing. We have relationships with parents, loved ones, friends, relatives and children. We also have relationships with places and things such as a home or wedding ring.

Emotional relationship refers to how two or more people, objects, or concepts are connected to one another through feelings and emotions. Places with energetic emotional relationships include where we live, visit, work, and or worship. These feelings and emotions can be experienced and felt in a mediumship reading, if the spirit presents the information to the medium.

When in a reading with a sitter, the emotional relationship of the spirit to the sitter can offer a wealth of information and validation to the sitter of their loved one’s presence. This emotional relationship can highlight their relationship (parent, family, child, etc) as well as illuminate why the sitter is here to receive a message. Mediums may be able to feel the emotional love for another as well as feel if there are any lingering emotions of the relationship, such as anger or sadness, that may want to be addressed at the time of a reading.

When reading a location, the emotional relationship of the spirit to the location also offers a wealth of information as to why this spirit is present here or may be wanting to communicate about this location. Their emotional relationship with the location can be why they want to provide a message about it and can highlight how they are connected to this location such as lived there, passed away there, spent a lot of energy there such as a workplace, or loved this place.

I have experienced a whole range of emotional relationships at a location from pride to regret and joy from life to sadness from loss. There is a wide array of emotions available to experience and it is the medium’s job to accurately, and with sensitivity, reflect the emotional relationship presented by the spirit to the sitter or about the location and in the process recreate and validate those emotional relationships.

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