Mediumship: My Process of Connecting to Location Spirits

At the beginning of my location readings, I always take a quiet moment (or sometimes SEVERAL moments) with my eyes closed before I speak out loud the information I am receiving.

But what am I actually doing during this time?!

In some walkthrough videos, this process is shortened in editing, but this simple moment is critical to connecting to the location and the spirits present. It is similar to sitting in meditation, but the intention is different. In meditation, the intention is to blank the mind or say a mantra, whereas my intention is to elevate my awareness to the energies of the place and the spirits present.

My Opening Process

During this eye-closed-quiet-time, I am (in this order):

  • Grounding to where I am – centering, clearing, protecting
  • Sitting in the power – raising my vibration and attuning to the unseen energies
  • Asking permission to read the location – just plain polite
  • Setting the intention to connect to spirit from the history books – VERY IMPORTANT! Or else you may receive willy nilly information. Your intention is key and must be specific with gusto.
  • Asking “Is there anything I need to know about this location?”, “Is there anything you want to tell me?”, “Who is here?”, Etc.

When I am finished with this process, I am ready to receive information from the location psychically or mediumistically (whichever wants to be known first). Once I have started to receive the information, I open my eyes and begin to express it in the clearest way I can. How I express this information could be verbally, with actions, or moving to a different area I am drawn to at the location. Often once the information begins to flow, I do not need to revisit this process. Sometimes, I will return to closing my eyes when feeling deeper into a piece of information from spirit or when receiving something I don’t understand.

This whole process is very important and is the way I turn “ON” my awareness to the unseen. When I am done, I say, “Thank you”, I bless the location, and I turn my awareness “OFF”.

It takes time and practice to develop a method that feels the best and is natural for you! If you want a more step by step method, check out This Blog Post on How to Spiritually Read a Location’s Energy.

Check out the Location Videos Page for a listing of all my live mediumship sessions on location and their sister Investigation Reveal videos!

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