Investigation Reveal – Location #14 – Historic Town Green, Fairfield, CT

For a refresher of this amazing Walkthrough Watch Here.

This location is a personal one and spirit was so clever in the various stories they brought to light!

Hear about the historic town green which really hasn’t changed much since its founding in 1639! Hear about Mary Staples, a woman who was tried twice for witchcraft in Fairfield and survived!

Also, apparently there was a colonial political riot in 1765 against The Stamp Act with gallows, mock hangings, and a nighttime funeral. This is a wonderful story because the rebellion against The Stamp Act triggered a more formal alliance of Patriots forming the Sons of Liberty who were the backbone of the sucess of the American Revolution 10 years later.

In addition, meet the wealthy families that inhabited the historic Burr Homestead and hear about the heroic actions of Eunice Dennie who adopted her nephew and help start the Fairfield Academy school! She definitely made her presence know at the home and so did old Mr. Jones was present during the reading and him and his family lived in the home for 80 years.

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