Mediumship, Emergent Spacetime, Entanglement, and String Theory

As a science girl at heart, I am always trying to see how this crazy thing of mediumship, psychism, and remote viewing are even possible. Everything is energy so there has to be an energetic property which facilitates this process and can be explainable. I sincerely believe quantum physics is just scraping the surface in their discoveries and theories of what mediums, psychics, and sensitives already know by feel and practice is possible in our spacetime awareness. But how!?

I just read the latest Scientific American (which my father reads and his father read before him) and in it is an article about Emergent Spacetime. It was incredible reading this article and saying YES to all of it! This is one of the properties of how mediumship works!

I have tried to explain this property of emergent spacetime and quantum entanglement before with 4D and 5D imagery of how I experience the folding and collapsing of time from my one point of focus in my blog post about Historical Mediumship Concepts. Now it seems that there is some real quantum physics to back up what I am experiencing! How cool!

Emergent spacetime deviates from the idea that time is linear, and space is static. Instead, emergent spacetime can shrink to a point and expand in on itself. It is emerging within and from itself and down into itself. This theory is coherent with the concepts of string theory and quantum entanglement. String theory is the idea of the structure of the universe consisting of vibrating strings of energy. Quantum entanglement is,

When two or more particles link up in a certain way, no matter how far apart they are in space, their states remain linked. That means they share a common, unified quantum state of two things and when they interact, they forever are connected in a way that is not influenced by distance.”

Quantum entanglement is one of the most solidly researched and repeatable quantum mechanic phenomena. Funny enough, another name for it is, “spooky action at a distance”. AKA scientist’s brains have a hard time understanding how it is possible, even though they see it in their experiments and calculations that it is in fact happening.

Emergent spacetime postulates that the greater entanglement of two particles, the smaller the spacetime between them. Meaning the spacetime emergence is smaller and condensed. This is EXACTLY how I believe mediumship is possible. These entanglements are what I have called in the past, anchors. There has to be some sort of unified connection between myself, spirit, and the location for me to therefore have a smaller spacetime matrix to communicate and read the energy signatures.

Sitting in a room with a human sitter, or being at a location, are examples of physical entanglement whereas intention is a form of thoughtform entanglement. Entanglement allows a smaller spacetime interaction to be able to touch upon energies and events of the past, present, and future. It is all recorded in emergent spacetime, but entanglement is required to access them.

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