Do Historical Locations Have More Spirits!?

Many reportedly paranormal places are older homes, taverns/hotels, prisons, asylums, and battlegrounds.

Is it required to be an old location to have spirits or paranormal activity!? Absolutely not, but overtime, older locations tend to have more activity and more spirits present than newer buildings due to historical practices and the accumulation of living energy over time. (If you are experiencing paranormal activity in a new home or location, check out this blog which goes over some reasons why this may be.)

So why more spirits for old places? For me this boils down to one thing:

Energy accumulates at a location over time.

This pattern manifests as paranormal or spirit activity in two ways, as an accumulation of residual energy AND as an accumulation of more people connected to the location who may present themselves in spirit to the living. It is not a requirement for an old location to have individual spirits, but all places will have residual energy.

Residual energy builds up over time at a location. For example, the longer a place has been a tavern, the more tavern-like energy builds up. The energy signature year after year after year repeats “tavern” until that imprint is sealed into every crevasse. This signature will then be more easily felt, experienced, or read. Therefore, if you visit this place that was or still is a tavern, you may experience residual events such as laughter, drinking, cups moving, chairs moving, people walking around, people staying and eating, as well as animals associated with the location. Not only does the length of time have an effect on residual energy building up, but how many people partook in tavern life as well. The more people activity, the more residual energy left over.

Individual spirits associated with a location also tend to build up over time.

In my experience, 90% of individual spirit activity at a location is someone who is directly connected to that place in some way (built it, worked there, lived there, died there, etc.), 9% is a spirit individual associated with the living, and 1% may be a spirit invited in or “attracted” to the spot. 0% are demons.

Sticking with the tavern example, the longer a tavern has acted as a tavern, the more people will have a connection to it over time. More people owning, living, staying, working, and dying there increases the likelihood a spirit entity may be present. Along these lines, it was common for people back in the day to live and work at the same location, increasing their everlasting connection to it. Maybe they even built the building! And also, historically, most people died at home, whereas today one statistic says “60% of people die in acute care hospitals, 20% in nursing homes, and only 20% at home.”

It is always fascinating to me walking into these historic places and reading them. The experience it is like stepping back in time and someone saying “Hello!”

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