Ghost History Medium #14 – Walkthrough – Historic Town Green – Fairfield, CT

This location is a personal one! I traced my ancestors back to the 1660s at the Fairfield colony. I even found ancestors who testified against women in the 1692 Fairfield Witch Trials.

This Historic Town Green has preserved and restored grounds and buildings from the revolutionary war period, Edwards’s Pond where the accused women were dunked during the 1692 Fairfield Witch Trials, and an Old Burying Ground.

In this mediumship walkthrough, I get a sense of what the town green was used for, what it was like during the Witch Trials, and I see the burning of the town of Fairfield. And as nightfalls on the Burr Homestead, meet a wealthy colonial woman who adopted children, a wealthy woman during the victorian era who remodeled, and an elderly man.

Stay tuned for the following Investigation Reveal for all the correlating history of this amazing location!

This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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