Psychometry with Artifacts

I had just started walking with the crowd into the Pacific Peoples exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in New York City when I suddenly started feeling intense lower jaw pain. I described it to my husband as feeling like my jaw was literally being ripped from my skull. I knew this wasn’t my pain, this was an artifact that was triggering this physical sensation. As I slowly walked through the exhibit continuing to experience this pain, I wandered over to a glass case and was absently reading some descriptors of war artifacts. My husband said, “You said jaw pain right?” “Yeah.” “Like that one?” He pointed to a shield artifact next to where I was standing from a native tribe which was adorned with the lower jaw bone of a human. In the description it read this tribe would remove the jaw of enemies they killed and adorn their shields with them.

This is an example of psychometry with an artifact. I was experiencing a memory that is held in the energetic information of the object. Often psychometry is described as picking up feelings, events, people and memories while touching or holding an object. But I don’t believe you have to physically touch the object, you just have to be within the energy of the object to experience its energetic information.

This was not mediumship as I did not pick up on a specific individual, but I was experiencing the residual pain of the individual when the jaw was removed. Psychometry is a physic skill but it can be used as a trigger to then bridge the connection to communicate with an individual.

Some artifacts immediately grab my attention like the jaw. In an entire room of artifacts from many times and places THAT one was VERY strong. Other artifacts require a more focused careful consideration to create that same energy connection to read them.

Each artifact has its own experience, memories, and association with people and place. Anytime you connect with an object or touch an artifact please handle them with care and respect being considerate of their past.

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