When to Pass a Location’s Message On

This has been a recent topic for me because the most recent Walkthrough video we did was a place that had literally been “waiting” and “calling” to me to read it.

What do I mean by that?

Every time I drove by the building, it caught my attention. Every time I was near it, I would focus on it and would get the impression in my 3rd eye that it wanted its story to be told. These impressions only started a few months ago even though I had been driving by this Mill Building for years.

Occasions when passing a message on is NOT OK: when you are uncomfortable with the message, the location is making you uncomfortable, you know the message is hurtful, it doesn’t feel right, or the message information is too sensitive. You have to use your judgement and tact to know when it is right to pass a message along. Sometimes you don’t have to pass anything along. Sometimes they just want to tell their story to someone. Just be a good listener with your psychic and medumistic abilities and notice if any of the five things below are happening. If they are, then you may need to pass the message along.

Always remember to first ask the location’s permission to act as witness to tell the story!

How to know when to pass a location message on:

  • Pay attention to where YOUR attention is! If you keep looking at a house or building or even just a plot of land in the woods and you don’t know why. Something is trying to get your attention. Follow your intuition and check the place out. You still will have to determine if a message needs to be passed, or just be a witness.
  • Walking through a location and you instantly are getting images and sensations. Some locations have such a strong energy impression to them that you can’t avoid their messages. Sometimes they just want to be acknowledge out loud, “Hey I feel that someone got hurt here.” or “Someone had a lot of happy memories playing catch with their dog in this field.” Use good judgement here before blurting anything out.
  • When you visit a place and you can’t get that location out of your mind. For example, my husband and I went to Barcelona Spain a few years back. One night we went out to a bar for drinks with friends in the Gothic Quarter. The Gothic Quarter is an AMAZING, one of a kind place where I felt like I was in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie! Anyway, I instantly got feelings and impressions at the entrance to the bar. We ended up going to that bar almost EVERY night of our stay. A) because the drinks were amazing, but B) something kept drawing us there. We couldn’t get enough of it! I started to research the history of the location and the street directly across from the bar is Carrer dels Mirallers with the head of a women statue on the corner. The statue face actually is looking DIRECTLY at the entrance to the bar! According to history, the statue is the symbol that a brothel was there or nearby. In addition to the brothel, there is a story of a sketchy priest in the 19th century who lived in number 7 Carrer dels Mirallers. He apparently performed “exorcisms” that killed people. It felt like he and the brothel energy were drawing us there again and again. Once I knew this history I was able to release some of the mystery and intrigue of the location.
Not me, but this is a picture of the bar entrance in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. It is closed during the day.
Zoomed in, you can see the curly hair of the statue face on the right side wall on the upper corner looking directly at the bar entrance . . .
Close up brothel statue face and the street name!
  • Some locations are sacred. If you are in a location where you are getting sacred vibes, it is best to acknowledge the sacredness of the land with gratitude and move on.
  • Misinformation. Sometimes the history books get it wrong! Or there is no history of something happening at a location. This was commonly the case with Native Indigenous people who are practically left out entirely of our history books. Sometimes sharing a message is in an effort to set the record straight. These impressions will be firm and persistent. Again use common sense and tact before sharing.

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