Psychometry: It’s Not only for objects!

In my videos I use this technique so I wanted to give some background of how this works for me and what it is.

Some very famous mediums, like Tyler Henry The Hollywood Medium, use psychometry when they perform a mediumistic reading to connect to an individual spirit.

Psychometry is the skill of getting psychic impressions from an object. This happens when a medium or psychic connects energetically to an object by opening up to it and intuiting information using the clair’s (clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance). This is different than getting information directly from reading a person’s psychic/auric information or getting information directly from a spirit (mediumship).

How is this possible?

Events and emotions are said to be held or remembered as a “recording” via energetic vibrations within metal, stones, wood, fabrics, and locations. When connecting to the energy of the object you can pick up on what is held or remembered in it. These vibrations are picked up as energy by those who are sensitive to it. And then your senses translate the energy experience into feelings and impressions. These events can connect names, dates, emotions, places, words, and historical information to the object.

Not only can a medium or psychic pick up information energetically from items, but psychometry can also be performed on an environment! Think of it like environmental and air psychometry, but I call it Location Psychometry!

For me, being in a location, not directly touching anything, I still can pick up and read energetic information that is around me. The technique used for object psychometry is the same as picking up and reading information in a location from the environment, you just aren’t holding it in your hand it is all around you!

Many people already do this! When you walk into a room where someone was previously fighting and you can FEEL the tension in the air, just like the saying “You could cut the air with a knife”. Your body is reading the recording in the environent!

This is really fun when hiking in the woods because different forest sections can feel very different from one another (for a variety of reasons, another blog post, another time) : ) This is a technique that I enjoy doing the most when I go to a new location. I will be using environmental psychometry to read and experience the location to report what is currently here, or what was there?

Check out my W/I Videos Page for a listing of all my live mediumship sessions on location and their sister Investigation Reveal videos!

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