How to Deal with Preconceptions when Spiritually Reading a Location

When one goes into a location to begin energetic and spiritual reading of what is present, in order to get the most accurate read, you cannot have preconceptions, presumptions or predictions cloud your true experience.

Dealing with preconceptions is really difficult! This is because our entire human brain has evolved to recognize and learn from previous events in order to predict our future safety. Our brain LOVES to tell us what is going to happen before it even does. That is just how we are wired.

Some tips on how to overcome preconceptions during location readings are:

  • Stay Grounded – Being well grounded is a tool to keep you present and focused with the location and what is here and prevents you from getting caught up in your thoughts.
  • Stay Open – This means TRULY being open and receptive to whatever sensations or messages are coming to you. This is aliken to being in a state of meditation while reading the surroundings.
  • Acknowledge/Confront what you DO know – Sometimes saying out loud what your brain thinks it is going to find gets the jitters out and lets you then accept what is truly there. Sometimes I will go through the list of what I DO know before opening. (Example: Going to a mine. Say out loud or to yourself before opening up, “Ok I am in a mine. I know I am in a mine and I know mines had loud banging, darkness, injuries, men, and this mine closed down in 1950.”)
  • Ask for the message or impression to be repeated – if in doubt ask for a repeat of the information. Sometimes I will ask for the same information 2-3 times to make sure I am not presuming it.
  • Ask for clarification and more details – your brain can presume “mine = men = injuries” but it is not going to preconceive of specific names, hair cut, race, specific injuries, age, personality, messages and clothes all at the same time. So dive into the details!
  • Be patient – Sometimes it takes asking a few times, sometimes the information comes in slowly, and sometimes the information comes in after you stopped directly trying to get it!
  • Trust – Trust in your sensations, thoughts, impressions, feelings, emotions, and knowing. These are all aspects of intuition!
  • Be ok with surprises!!! Getting something totally unexpected or seemingly unrelated to the location can actually carry the biggest messages!

You may get a true message that aligns with your preconceptions!

Don’t panic!

When this happens to me, I patiently wait to make sure I get the same impression or message more than once. I need to get it like 2-3 times in maybe different ways (clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, claircognizant) before I am like ok that is a true message and not something my brain thinks should be here.

Check out my W/I Videos Page for a listing of all my live mediumship sessions on location and their sister Investigation Reveal videos!

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